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Kyzir White is the first Eagles player to wear No. 43 since Darren Sproles

Yet another #JerseyNumberAnalytics update.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Haason Reddick is wearing No. 7.

Zach Pascal is wearing No. 11.

And now Kyzir White is the latest Philadelphia Eagles free agent signing to have their jersey number announced. The Lehigh County native will be sporting No. 43 with his “hometown team.”

As the headline points out, White is the first Eagles player to wear No. 43 since Darren Sproles last wore it in 2019. From one former Chargers player to another.

White is the first Eagles defender to wear No. 43 in over 20 years. One must go back to when safety Damon Moore had the number in 2001.

White is the first Eagles linebacker to wear No. 43 since Ralph Heck rocked it in 1965. But I’m sure you already knew that.

My official #JerseyNumberAnalytics stance on White wearing No. 43 is that it’s an appropriate look for him. He wore No. 44 with the Bolts but that number is obviously retired in Philly (Pete Retzlaff). White wearing a number in the 40s feels appropriate given his background as a former safety. No. 43 works on an athletic linebacker with a slighter frame. By contrast, a linebacker in the 50s should ideally be a little more hulking than White.

If he can turn in a good season, White has the potential to be a multi-year contributor in Philly. We’ll see if he can make No. 43 stick.

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