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Eagles All-22 Film Review: Haason Reddick is a splash player

Deep dive on Philadelphia’s new edge rusher!

Syndication: Arizona Republic Patrick Breen via Imagn Content Services, LLC

The Eagles made a big addition! This week’s film room had to be all about new signing Haason Reddick, so let’s just get straight to it.

I will do this just like I do all the player reports that I have been doing recently, by starting with the stats before looking at strengths, weaknesses, providing an overall summary and then predicting what I think the player will bring to the Eagles moving forward. I’m excited for this one, let’s go.

Stats/Scheme Info

All numbers per PFF with 20% minimum snaps and based off EDGE defenders (120 total)

- Lines up on both sides of DL. 424 snaps on the left, 387 on the right.

- Only 17 snaps in the box, nearly all snaps on the DL.

- 341 run defense snaps, 438 pass rush snaps, 73 snaps in coverage.

(Interesting comparison - Genard Avery - 213 run defense snaps, 88 pass rush snaps, 86 coverage snaps).

- 23.5 sacks the past 2 seasons.

- 67.7 total PFF grade, ranks 43rd. 70.4 run defense, ranks 22nd. 65.9 pass rush, ranks 55th.

- 44 total pressures, ranks 36th. 7 QB hits, ranks 41st. 22 hurries, ranks 51st.

- 35 ‘stops’, ranks 13th.

- 3 penalties, ranks 32nd (Barnett had 8, ranking 3rd).

- Pass rush ‘win’ % of 12.5, ranks 70th.

- Pass rush productivity of 7.2, ranks 34th.


+ A really top athlete. Can change direction quickly, is extremely fast and does a great job chasing down offensive players and finishing plays.

+ Excellent motor, plays hard and physical right to the end of the play. Has a bit of nastiness in his game which I like!

+ Elite first step, can explode out of his stance and beat tackles before they have a chance to get their hands on him. This is his elite trait.

+ Has the speed and awareness to play boot action from the backside and also the speed to chase down running backs when playing backside.

+ Can bend the edge really well when he gets past the offensive tackle

+ Has the speed to deal with being put in a conflict on read option plays. Shows examples where he can handle both the quarterback and the running back due to his speed.

+ Doesn’t just win by speed, can win with hand placement and counter moves.

+ Is a very versatile athlete and can line up all over the field. He is athletic enough to play a number of different positions.

+ Makes huge, game changing plays. This cannot be overstated.


- Sack production inflated due to some easy ones last year.

- More of a splash player rather than someone who consistently wins and gets pressure. Athletic tackles will get the better of him quite consistently.

- Doesn’t have power when rushing the quarterback and will not collapse the pocket with a bull rush.

- Gets moved in the running game. Offensive tackles can drive him back pretty consistently despite how hard he plays.


Reddick is an explosive outside pass rusher who wins with an elite first step, excellent bend, and great closing speed. He is an impact player who has the ability to make one or two game changing plays every single week. Despite having the ability to drop into coverage, this is not his strong suit and he should be not asked to do this consistently. Even when he does not get pressure, he can impact quarterbacks who are attempting to make second reaction plays outside the pocket due to his elite closing speed for the position. He is a high motor player who plays extremely physical but can be moved in the run game due to his lack of size.

The Future

I am really intrigued to see how the Eagles use Reddick. I’ve seen a lot of talk about him replacing Genard Avery but if you look at the numbers at the start of the article, Avery dropped into coverage way more than Reddick ever should. Reddick is essentially an explosive but undersized EDGE rusher who should help the Eagles pass rush which they desperately need. I expect Reddick to play in Avery’s position in base (the SAM linebacker in a 5-2 front) but Gannon is going to have to adjust how he treats that position and must let him rush the quarterback more or Reddick is going to be a bad fit. In nickel and in 3rd and long situations I expect Reddick to just line up as the EDGE and go after the quarterback every single time.

I was concerned when looking at Reddick’s pass rushing numbers because it’s clear that he consistently is not great when looking at several different metrics. But I feel better after watching his tape. He is not someone who will win consistently and get constant pressure. If you think the Eagles have signed someone who can do that, I think you will be disappointed by how often very athletic tackles can block him quite easily and take him out of the play.

But he is a splash player, a game-wrecker, almost like a DeSean Jackson type of player but on the defensive side. He might not get a ton of pressures but he makes huge plays because when he wins off the line of scrimmage he can basically sack the quarterback before they even hit the back of a 3-step drop. This is hugely important for a team who gave up so many short passing plays last year. The Eagles needed immediate pressure and I believe they signed a player who will help them get that. There aren’t many players that can create as many big plays as Reddick, which is evident when you look at his sack numbers.

I think the Eagles will move him around and use him in a variety of roles but ultimately, I expect Reddick to rush the passer most of the time. In the current NFL, nearly all defenses give up big plays and points so it is vital to have a few players on defense who can make a few massive impact plays that can shift the momentum of a game. I believe Reddick is one of those players who can do that and I am extremely excited to watch him chase down quarterbacks next season for the Eagles.

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