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The Cowboys done goofed


Dallas Cowboys v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys have had quiet the offseason, haven’t they?

Following their embarrassing home playoff loss to Jimmy Garoppolo’s 49ers, Jerry Jones let Mike McCarthy twist in the wind as speculation mounted about Sean Payton replacing him as head coach. Such speculation will only continue to percolate this year and likely after next season as well.

Beyond that, Dallas traded away Amari Cooper for not too much in return. There was also talk that they were going to release DeMarcus Lawrence, though they were able to keep him around by signing him to an extension.

One pass rusher the Cowboys will NOT be retaining is Randy Gregory. This despite the fact that their official team account tweeted about how he was returning to the team on a long-term deal:

Lol, whoops!

Gregory, who ranked second on the Cowboys in sacks last year with six, is instead headed to Denver. It’s nice to see Gregory following in the footsteps of Broncos legend DeMarcus Ware and realizing he needs to leave Dallas to actually win anything meaningful.

Let’s check in on the reaction over at Blogging The Boys:


The Philadelphia Eagles sure won’t mind seeing the Cowboys get worse ... while embarrassing themselves in the process.

Looking forward to talking about this and more with RJ later today on this week’s volume of the NFC East Mixtape podcast!

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