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Eagles News: The argument for a Russell Wilson trade

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/28/22.

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Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

Free Agency – Areas to Address - Iggles Blitz
Receiver is more complicated. Nick Sirianni says DeVonta Smith is a true #1 wide receiver. Sirianni also is high on Quez Watkins. But there is a need for more talent at WR. Jalen Reagor has been a massive disappointment. You can’t count on him for anything. Watkins might be a terrific #3. It seems simple then. Go get a veteran who can be your #2 receiver. The problem is that we don’t know what offense the Eagles will run in 2022. For now, we’ll assume the running offense will be be returning. If that is the case, you can’t spend too much on a receiver who won’t be catching all that many passes. All the receivers aside from Smith combined for 85 catches. This isn’t a volume passing game. There is no need to throw a bunch of money at a star receiver.

Eagles mailbag: Putting players at different positions - NBCSP
I would be shocked if the Eagles stay at 15, 16 and 19 and simply pick three players. Shocked. Everything is on the table. If someone they view as a top-10 player begins to slip, I could see the Eagles pouncing to get him. But I could also see them adding some extra value and trading out of one of those picks. Specifically, that No. 19 pick is right before the QB-needy Steelers. So if another team (Bucs, Lions, etc.) wants to jump up, the Eagles have to be ready to opportunistically gain some value for the future.

Poll: Do the Philadelphia Eagles or New York Giants concern you more this offseason? - Blogging The Boys
Questions surround quarterback and center for Philly at the moment, but they do have second-year wide receiver Devonta Smith to build around. As painful as it is to admit, the Eagles have shown an ability to dance around with draft capital before considering they traded up to number two overall to select Carson Wentz six years ago, and somehow managed to pry away a first-round pick from the Colts for him last offseason. They haven’t been the wisest franchise as far as actually using their draft picks, but they know how to turn a small stack into something notable which is concerning given that they have three selections inside of the top 20.

NFL Combine Prep Begins With These 5 Truths About The ’22 Draft; TV Broadcaster Money Turns Crazy - FMIA
6. I think I took note of what former Carson Wentz teammate Lane Johnson said on The Rich Eisen Show the other day. “He’ll get a shot somewhere,” Johnson said of Wentz, who apparently is on the block after one season with the Colts. “I think this will be a point where he can prove all the doubters wrong.” Well, “all the doubters” would now include the two coaches who have been the biggest boosters of Wentz in his NFL career. The Colts traded a load for Wentz last spring, and after one year, apparently Colts coach Frank Reich—his coordinator in the Eagles’ Super Bowl season—didn’t see enough to want him back. That’s about as damaging a blow as Wentz could have gotten in his first post-Philly season. That comes after Wentz was benched in 2020 in Philadelphia by coach Doug Pederson; those two were making beautiful music together in 2017 with the Eagles. Benched by Pederson, sent packing by Reich (if that happens) … Those two doubters used to be his biggest fans, and that’s not a thing to be ignored.

2022 NFL Scouting Combine Preview: Linebacker -
Devin Lloyd, Utah – Lloyd should also test extremely well in athletic drills, but his ability to play in coverage is very impressive. Another converted high school wide receiver and defensive back, Lloyd’s chops in the pass game show up in every game. He should look natural in these drills.

2022 NFL Scouting Combine: Quarterbacks to watch - Big Blue View
The NFL Scouting Combine could be a make-or-break affair for Matt Corral. Not only will NFL teams be taking a keen interest in his medical exam following the sprained ankle he suffered in the Sugar Bowl, but his interviews and on-field workouts will also be key. Teams will want to know if Corral can execute a more sophisticated NFL offense after living in Ole Miss’ RPO-based attack. Can he digest and recall complicated plays? Can he decipher coverages and make read progressions? He is sure to have a very full schedule as teams try to figure out just where he is in his development. And then his on-field workout. He should be over the sprained ankle that knocked him out of the Sugar Bowl, but does his athleticism live up to the tape? More importantly, Corral wasn’t eligible to participate at the Senior Bowl, so this is his chance to show that he is every bit the passer that Senior QBs are — or better.

About Washington’s free safety position - Hogs Haven
Given the Commanders’ heavy investment in Landon Collins, it’s hard to see the front office spending the money on a guy like Williams. I know it’s been popular among the fan base to say that Collins will or should be cut this season, but I’ve never believed it would happen. The difference between keeping Landon Collins and cutting Landon Collins is $6.5m. He would need to be replaced on the roster, and his replacement would have to earn less than $6m for the team to realize any real savings. It seems as if replacing Collins with a veteran who makes less than $6m per year would be a step backwards, or, at best, treading water. Personally, I think that Collins will be back and should be back. Even restructuring Collins seems like a ‘last resort’ kind of move to afford a high-dollar quarterback, but a restructure is much more likely that a release of Collins. So I don’t really see Marcus Williams as a legitimate target for the Commanders this offseason, but for shits & giggles, lets look briefly at who he is.

The Colts Cannot Possibly Return From Wentz They Came - The Ringer
The Colts made the bet that they could fix Wentz’s broken instincts. Reich, Indy’s head coach, was Wentz’s offensive coordinator in Philadelphia during that 2017 season when Wentz was at his best. Ballard bet that Reich could help Wentz regain his form—as well as Wentz’s confidence—based on their past success and strong bond over their Christian faith. But if it doesn’t work for Wentz as the starter in Indy, it might not work for him anywhere. If Reich doesn’t have the stomach for more Carson Wentz time, who will?

NFL Competition Committee to discuss possible changes to overtime rules -
The NFL’s Competition Committee is set to meet in Indianapolis this week to discuss several subjects including a possible rule change that was a hot topic during the 2021 playoffs. Rich McKay, chairman of the NFL’s Competition Committee, said Sunday there is no question proposed changes to overtime will be brought up, NFL Network’s Judy Battista reported. McKay said he expects some overtime proposals related to playoffs only, while others could include the regular season. The Indianapolis Colts have submitted a proposal to guarantee each team an overtime possession, Battista reported, per a source. If approved, the rule change would apply to both the regular season and playoffs.

Mike Kaye, veteran journalist, joins Pro Football Network as Lead NFL Reporter - PFN
[BLG Note: Congrats to BGN alumnus Mike Kaye on his new gig!]

How the sports world is addressing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine - SB Nation
It goes without saying, but sports are not a concern right now when it comes to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It’s paltry to discuss cancelling events and removing sponsorships while women and children are fleeing to neighboring countries, and ordinary citizens are taking up arms to defend their sovereign nation. That said, sports can assist in a wider campaign of sanctions and condemnations that ensures people know that what is happening right now is not normal, and far more than a regional conflict. It’s a critical move to break ties with a sportswashing campaign that has used events like the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and 2018 Russia World Cup to distract from Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian government, and the annexation of Crimea, which served as a prelude to the current invasion.

NFL Daily Kickoff, Monday- Are new OT rules coming + a shocking retirement - The SB Nation NFL Show
In today’s episode, find out if we could see a change to the OT rules in 2022, why the Bucs have to worry about replacing more than just Tom Brady, and who Amazon may target to be in the booth for Thursday Night Football.


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