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Eagles All-22 Film Review: Jordan Mailata boasts All-Pro potential

Philadelphia’s starting left tackle is ... pretty good!

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NFL: Washington Football Team at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another player film review. I am only going to do a few more before we can start really getting into free agency and the 2022 NFL Draft. This was a fun one to do. Jordan Mailata has been one of the biggest success stories of all time and I was excited to dig into the tape. Despite watching the offense all year, I would be lying if I said I focused on individual offensive lineman on a consistent basis, so it is good to go back and watch some of them individually.

Before I get to Mailata, having watched a lot of the Eagles offensive line the past few weeks (I wrote about Dickerson a couple of weeks ago) it was a joy to watch Lane Johnson and Jason Kelce again. Kelce is so freakishly athletic he gets a lot of the credit, but I thought Lane Johnson was unbelievably good and is still the Eagles best offensive lineman at this point. I’m not going to write about Lane but just wanted to give him a shoutout because my goodness, was he good this past season.

Let’s get to Mailata. This is a fun one, enjoy!

Stats/Scheme Notes

All from PFF, as usual.

- 951 snaps. 817 of them at LT, 134 of them at RT. Started at RT weeks 5/6.

- 88 total PFF grade. 83 pass block, 88 run block.

- 97.1 pass blocking efficiency, ranks 31st in the league. Lane Johnson ranked 2nd.

- 88 run blocking grade ranks #5 amongst tackles.

- Allowed 3 sacks, 2 hits, 20 hurries.

- 7 total penalties, ranks 20th highest in the league amongst tackles.


+ Has an insane level of strength and power. I really do mean insane too. He has freakish strength. He will physically move people in the run game and even when pass protecting. A rare level of size and strength combination.

At RT in the first clip

+ Extremely athletic and great in space as a run blocker. Will consistently reach the second level quickly and can get to the second level after helping out with a double team at the start

+ Fantastic on power/counter runs where he is used as a puller.

+ Aggressive in pass protection, gets his hands up early and wants to strike the first punch.

+ Showed that he can be versatile and play at RT if needed. Played well in pass pro in 2 games at RT.

+ Plays with a very good level of aggression and nastiness and will finish the play hard. This fits in well with the rest of the Eagles OL

+ Can use his frame to get between the ballcarrier and the defensive lineman without actually blocking someone. The Eagles teach this well and Lane Johnson is excellent at this too.


- Technical vet rushers can beat him at times with excellent hand usage

- His one weakness in pass protection was good outside speed rushers, he has a tendency to lean forward at times

- Can still see technical flaws in his game, has reps where he tries to win with power only


Jordan Mailata still has a lot to work on technically, but he is already a superb offensive lineman despite only playing for two years. He’s a top starter at his position already and is an absolutely integral part of the Eagles running game. His pass protection still requires some work and keeps him from being at the absolute elite of the position just yet, but he isn’t too far off. The Eagles made such a good decision locking him up early. Jeff Stoutland deserves enormous credit for developing Mailata. What a fantastic job he has done.

The Future

I feel like this is quite an easy projection, right? Mailata is already extremely good but I think he could reach all-pro potential if he sorts out some technique issues in his pass protection. He may never be a true technician due to his lack of experience playing the sport but his freakish combination of size and strength enables him to shine in pass protection the majority of the time.

Not that this matters either, but having followed his career closely due to him being an international player he really seems like a really good guy. I’ve watched a lot of his interviews and it is clear that he enjoys being coached hard by the Eagles and he knows if has a lot to learn. If he continues to work hard and try to fix his issues, the sky really is the limit. There are no physical limitations with Mailata at all, it’s simply of case of will he stay very good or can he be the very best due to his technical limitations right now. Personally, I am so so excited to watch him continue to develop and I can’t wait to keep watching him play for the Eagles for a number of years.

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