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Eagles News: Will Philadelphia draw inspiration from the Matthew Stafford trade?

Philadelphia Eagles news and links for 2/13/22.

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Super Bowl LVI - Los Angeles Rams Practice Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Let’s get to the Philadelphia Eagles links ...

The Matthew Stafford trade could be a blueprint for the Eagles this offseason - Inquirer
There is still legitimate concern about the 23-year-old’s potential. And if Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson becomes available, or if sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson reach some kind of finality, each would qualify as a significant improvement, although not without arguments against.“For me, I don’t think their position is to win a Super Bowl in the next year or two,” former Eagles president Joe Banner said. “So Rodgers, to me, isn’t really a viable option. Wilson, I’d probably have a reasonable estimation of four years, so that’s viable. [The 49ers’ Jimmy] Garoppolo, I actually like more than most people, but he can’t stay healthy and be consistent. “Watson will be interesting to me because, when it’s all said and done, there are going to be far fewer teams interested in him than people think, and it may be somebody you can get at a discounted price. Obviously, his cases have to get to a certain point before you could even consider that.”

Eye on the Enemy #84: Super Bowl 56 Preview w/ Jeff Kerr - BGN Radio
On Episode 84 of “Eye on the Enemy,” host John Stolnis is joined by CBS Sports NFL writer Jeff Kerr to talk about the biggest storylines for Super Bowl 56. Did Cincinnati or Los Angeles have the tougher road to the Super Bowl, which QB/WR duo is better, and how engaging is this matchup? Also, an Eagle legend is elected to the Hall of Fame!

11 Eagles Pro Football Hall of Fame snubs - NBCSP
Troy Vincent: The Pennsbury High School graduate was one of the most complete cornerbacks of his era, and in the late 1990s and early 2000s he was as productive as any corner in the league. Vincent finished his career with 47 interceptions and four more in the postseason, but he was also a physical presence, a sure tackler, a willing run supporter and a good blitzer. He made five straight Pro Bowls from 1999 through 2003, and during the four-year span from 1999 through 2002 – the first four years the stat was kept - he had an NFL-high 83 pass knockdowns, including an NFL-record 27 in 2001, second-most ever recorded in a season.

5 surprising stats from the 2021 Cowboys season - Blogging The Boys
Dak Prescott threw for more touchdowns in three games (13) than Trevor Lawrence did in 17 games (12). This is not meant to serve as an encouraging stat; it should actually be interpreted as the opposite. Because as explosive as the Dallas offense appeared at times, they were equally absent in a handful of games. Because in the Panthers, Giants, Football Team, Falcons, and both Eagles games, the Cowboys put up a combined 271 points. That is more than the 253 points the Jaguars put up all year. Where was that offense in the playoff game and over the end of the year? Where was the “thirteen touchdowns in three games” Dak Prescott against the 49ers? The apparent distinction is that the Cowboys took advantage of a poor division, wiped the floor with the bad teams, and then struggled against good teams. It is just confusing to consider now that the end of the season has arrived.

Super Bowl Sunday ‘things I think’ about Odell Beckham, the Giants, more - Big Blue View
Odell Beckham Jr. is the most notable former Giant in the Super Bowl. I feel good for all of them, even the hard-to-like Eli Apple. When it comes to Beckham, anyone who has been around BBV long enough knows I was critical of the young Beckham with the Giants. You also know that I thought the Giants did the right thing when they traded him to the Browns. All I ever hoped for from Beckham was that he would grow up a little, stop making headlines for silly reasons that distracted from his immense talent, and let us focus on how good he can be on the field. He never really showed that talent in Cleveland, and I wondered how much of it was still there. He is happy, productive and — as of this writing — awaiting the birth of his first child. Good for him. Rams cornerback Donte Deayon was always a favorite of mine. I didn’t think much of Grant Haley as a player, but always appreciated how hard he worked. On the Cincy side, B.J. Hill is a good guy and deserves his success. As for Bengals special teamer Michael Thomas I’m still of the opinion that Joe Judge made a massive mistake by jettisoning Thomas for Nate Ebner, one of his personal favorites.

Aaron Rodgers in positive place with Packers as decision on his future looms -
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ own words spoke as loudly as anything has over the last year. He accepted his MVP award Thursday night and thanked — by name — Green Bay President/CEO Mark Murphy and general manager Brian Gutekunst, among others. That was notable. After spending a week talking with those in the know on Rodgers’ looming decision, two facts are clear: The relationship is in as good a spot as it has been in quite a long time, leading to optimism and hope from many involved that he will choose to return. No one knows for sure what Rodgers will do, except Rodgers, and no one will rush him to do it.

Why you should root for the Bengals, and why they’ll beat Rams in Super Bowl LVI - Cincy Jungle
This has been a season for the ages, to put it lightly, and the postseason run has fans thinking about destiny like they’ve never thought before. We’ve seen this happen with the New York Giants in 2007 and the Ravens in 2012. The best team on paper doesn’t always win the biggest game in American sports, but the team that gets hot at just the right time usually does. Destiny very much seems to be on Cincinnati’s side, but claiming that as the main reason why they’ll win Sunday isn’t fair to the players and coaches. This is years of hard work and battles with adversity that would break most in this league. The movement from “Why not us?” to “It is us!” symbolizes the realization that this team belongs in this moment. They were built for it.

Why you should root for the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl 56 - DraftKings Nation
WHO DEY?! This is the battle cry for the Cincinnati Bengals and as a non-fan, I do not understand it. It resembles the New Orleans Saints’ “Who Dat?” chant, but it riles up the whole city and their fanbase so whatever works I guess. The Bengals emerged from a competitive AFC North division when they had only won six games combined in their last two seasons and they have picked in the top-five of the NFL Draft both seasons. Now, they are playing in their first Super Bowl since January of 1989. But, let’s break down who to watch and why you should root for the Bengals. Apart from an adoration of the city of Cincinnati and whatever you want to classify skyline chili as there is a lot to cheer for the Bengals. Quarterback Joe Burrow reeks of coolness and has turned the franchise around in only his second season.

Could Sean McVay retire early, move to broadcasting if Rams win Super Bowl? - Turf Show Times
It’s fair to say that McVay has his eyes set on life aspirations outside of coaching in the NFL, and he’s had those aspirations for a while. At some point he could make the jump to broadcasting in order to allow more time to start a family - it could even happen as soon as after the Super Bowl Sunday night. McVay’s departure from the Rams is more of a question of when than if, but it’ll be difficult for him to leave behind a team with as much talent as this 2021-22 roster.

Fantasy Football Volatility Index: The riskiest and safest plays for NFL Super Bowl LVI - Fake Teams
WR Ja’Marr Chase (Cincinnati Bengals). I’m conflicted about this thing. Is this the most boring pick ever, or the most exciting one? Of course, you know where I come from. Chase is the only player to pop up in the hyper-volatile chart above, which makes it just impossible to pick any other guy for this slot. But Chase is also the most exciting possible pick after what he’s done as a rookie in the NFL this season: flexing on haters, and then some. So good was Chase that his high volatility mark, unique in the league at this point, probably has more to do with Chase “resting” his way through the last few games of the season and postseason instead of just underperforming or performing too randomly to stay low in the VOL leaderboard. To wit: 1.3 PPR points at Denver (W15) and 4.6 at Cleveland (WC Round) getting just four targets in each of those two matches playing 51 and five snaps respectively. Other than that, the resume is impeccable. Remove that stupid Browns game from the sheet and look at Chase’s last five games while trying not to faint: 19, 55, 23, 16, and 17 PPR points on his way toward the Super Bowl. Risky? Maybe. But just because Chase chose to walk that path. Pay for this man. You won’t regret that.

Rams elevate Eric Weddle, Blake Countess from practice squad for Super Bowl - PFT
Weddle and safety Blake Countess have both been elevated from the practice squad. Weddle paused his retirement to sign with the Rams before their playoff opener and has 13 tackles and a tackle for loss since returning to action. Countess did not appear in any regular season games and has played 24 snaps in three playoff contests. [BLG Note: That’s former Eagles draft pick Blake Countess.]

Ultimate Super Bowl scouting report: What to expect from the Rams on Sunday - SB Nation
The Los Angeles Rams are headed to Super Bowl LVI — and hoping to become just the second team in history to win a Super Bowl in their own stadium after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers achieved that feat last year. To get there, the Rams had to rack up plenty of wins during the regular season and knock out postseason opponents in every phase of the playoffs, including the reigning champion Bucs. The Rams will now take on the Cincinnati Bengals on Feb. 13, with LA heading into the game as 4-point favorites according to DraftKings Sportsbook. To help you get ready for the big game on Sunday — and to learn all you need to know about the Rams — we turned to the experts at our team communities to find out what they learned when the teams they cover played LA this season.

Super Bowl Roundtable, Day 5: 49ers QB Trey Lance + SB Predictions - The SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Stats” Guerrera, Brandon Lee Gowton, and Pete Sweeney wonder why there doesn’t seem to be as much juice going into this Super Bowl as there has been in the past - and we think we have an answer. Plus, Stats talks with 49ers QB Trey Lance (17:00) about what he learned last year and expectations in 2022. Finally, the guys make their official Super Bowl LVI predictions.


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