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Odell Beckham Jr. to the Eagles?

There’s a rumor out there that it could actually happen.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

‘Which team is Odell Beckham Jr. going to sign with?’ has been an annoyingly over-discussed question lately as the free agent wide receiver gears up for a return to football after suffering an ACL injury in the Super Bowl.

OBJ began visiting teams late last week, first meeting with the Buffalo Bills before moving on to the New York Giants and then the Dallas Cowboys.

It seemed inevitable that OBJ would sign a deal with Dallas given all the flirtation going on there.

But that doesn’t seem so certain to happen now.

While visiting the Cowboys, a report was leaked about how OBJ might not be ready to play this season. Jerry Jones didn’t give a straight answer when asked about OBJ’s availability this year.

And so it’s not perfectly clear what’s next for OBJ. But apparently a team he didn’t even visit (to public knowledge, at least) is in the mix to sign him.

The Philadelphia Eagles.

Check out what Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio had to say on Wednesday morning:


For those who might be unaware, Florio does indeed get scoops. He tweeted the following on Tuesday at 12:31 PM Eastern:

From what I saw, that was the first of anyone connecting Baker to the Rams. And it happened about 3.5 hours before Adam Schefter reported it was indeed going to happen.

Just because Florio was right about Baker doesn’t necessarily mean he’s right about OBJ to the Eagles. But the phrasing is similar and is certainly worth paying attention to. Florio is clearly hearing something.

On paper, at least, OBJ doesn’t appear to be a logical fit for the Eagles. They already have a strong pass-catching corps. A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith lead the way as two No. 1 wide receivers. Dallas Goedert is currently on injured reserve but he expects to be back next week. That’s the top targeted trio. After that, Quez Watkins has done some good things as a third wide receiver. Zach Pascal does the dirty as a blocker and sparingly sees targets. Britain Covey doesn’t play on offense but his roster spot looks secure coming off a strong performance as a punt returner.

If the Eagles sign OBJ, who are they taking targets away from? Of course, that’s assuming he’s ready to play this year. Maybe it’s about getting him beyond this season? Or maybe they can potentially add him to the practice squad to have around in case there’s an injury?

Perhaps the reports coming out about OBJ not being ready to play are being leaked by Dallas in an effort to scare other teams off? They stand to benefit from his leverage dropping.

On the note of leverage, perhaps the threat of him signing with the Eagles is designed to scare the Cowboys to offer a contract before he joins a division rival instead?

There are a lot more questions than answers here. But if Florio is saying to watch out for OBJ to the Eagles, well, that’s exactly what we’ll do. One can’t rule out Howie Roseman being aggressive and trying to add as much talent to the team as possible.

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