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Jalen Hurts said he’s able to throw and there’s “definitely a chance” he plays in Dallas

The Eagles’ QB acknowledged that he knew there was an issue with his shoulder when it happened, but is taking things day-by-day right now.

After a hard fought game on Sunday, it was revealed on Monday that Eagles’ QB Jalen Hurts has a shoulder sprain and could miss a couple of games. Head coach Nick Sirianni talked about the situation earlier on Tuesday, but then Hurts’ himself spoke to reporters about how he’s feeling and how he’s approaching this week heading into Saturday’s game against the Cowboys.

“I’m feeling fine, I’m feeling fine.”

Hurts said that it’s a week where they’re keeping everything business as usual. They’re playing a really good team, a really good opponent, so they’re doing everything they can on a short week to be at full health.

The QB was asked directly if he feels like he has a chance to play on Saturday.

“Definitely a chance, taking it day-by-day, though.

Everybody knows that I’m dealing with something — I think that’s pretty public, it’s out there. I’m not one to really talk about myself, you know, obviously, being the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles you can’t run from that. But, I’m taking everything one day at a time with it, and preparing versus a really good defense.”

Hurts later admitted that he knew there was an issue with shoulder when it happened. He explained that he’s always been very aware of his body, and he tries to be very mindful of those things, but he’s also good at overcoming those kind of things. Still, he emphasized that nothing changes with his approach this week.

The QB said that it took some grit and courage for him to continue playing after the injury, and to still be able to make some of the impressive throws that he did. Hurts was sure to include his teammates as a reason he was able to continue, they supported him and a lot of them have their own experiences playing through things and overcoming adversity.

“I think it was a unique game, considering the conditions, kind of the pace of the game, you know, and I think we had opportunities to do really big things, and took advantage of them in the end.”

Hurts was asked if he’s able to throw with the shoulder sprain and if he tested it out, and he very quickly, answered, “Yeah.”

The QB continued to emphasize taking things one day at a time, and keeping the approach the same heading into Saturday’s game. He noted that there are a lot of factors involved in decisions, like possibly resting him to be 100 percent for the postseason, but ultimately he just wants to do whatever is best for the team — which is him being ready to play and being in the best health.

Hurts also talked about how he’s dealt with similar issues in the past and had to overcome different things, it just so happens that this one is public. So, it won’t affect the way he does things.

On preparing for the Cowboys

“A really good team. We know what they’re capable of on both sides of the ball. We know the challenges they present, so we want to be ready for a good game of execution and being ready to attack them.”

Hurts later talked about the defense specifically, saying that they’ve always been good on that side of the ball and are well-coached. They have really good players, they fly to the ball, and are disruptive. He mentioned that with the front seven that they have, they’re able to get after the quarterback, and are really good at that pressure.

“For us, we really have to be dialed in on how we execute, our fundamentals, and obviously protecting the ball — that’s always a goal of ours going into every game. So, we’ll prepare to play a really good team.”

On Gardner Minshew

A lot of attention was brought to Hurts buying the offensive lineman Louis Vuitton bags, but the QB pointed out he bought Minshew Jordan 11s as a way to show his appreciation to everyone in the quarterback room and they help they’ve been for him,

“We’re all young players in that room, and you could say young coaches as well, and we all bounce ideas off of one another. We all challenge each other to get better, and it’s a room that I really appreciate. I think this team really appreciates, too.”

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