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Jalen Hurts admits his hands were numb early against the Bears

The Eagles’ QB also talked about some of the big hits he took and how they respect each of their opponents.

The Eagles squeaked out a win on Sunday against the Bears and quarterback Jalen Hurts spoke to the media before getting on the plane home. He admitted that his hands were numb early on in the game, leading to the interceptions, but he was happy that the team as a whole found a way to win.

Hurts pointed out that reporters didn’t ask him about the Bears or the Bears defense during the week, and the two weeks he wasn’t asked about his opponent were the two games that were tight. The QB noted that they knew Chicago was a great team, and they have to have respect for the team they play each and every week.

“I just want that to be known, that we respect every team that we play and I know that this is a time where this team, or everybody’s trying to break it up — everybody wants to wait and see you fail. You know, and I think, we just want to continue to stay together and do that, and I know that’s what’s important to us. We just want to win.”

Here’s what else the QB had to say:

On the weather conditions

“I think early on, personally, I really couldn’t feel my hands. It was very cold, didn’t really have good vision on the field, personally. It was a lot of different things going on and I think to be able to persevere through that — you know, that’s not something that was done by myself. You look at the special teams, the plays that they made. You look at the defense, how they showed up after the turnovers, and were able to get the ball to us and give us opportunities. Justin Fields is a hell of a player, I have a lot of respect for him, I always have. But, I think in the end, it’s a testament to how we persevered as a team and how we believed in one another as a team. I think the great teams, the great players, they find a way.”

Hurts later said that in the future, especially for cold-weather games, he needs to prepare differently. The QB admitted he’s never played in a game that cold before. He was seen wearing a glove during warmups, and said he was trying to find his groove throwing with it.

When asked if he’s thought about January playoff games in Philadelphia being that cold, Hurts quipped, “It ain’t Chicago.”

On taking big hits

After the game, Jalen Hurts said he was feeling good and planned on listening to some Anita Baker while eating sweets on the plane ride home, and start watching the tape to get better from the game.

As for the hit that took him a little longer to get up from, Hurts said with a smile that it wasn’t the first time he’s been slow to get up and won’t be the last.

“They played a real physical game, and it was real cold, too. So, happy we were able to find a win.”

[UPDATE: It was reported on Monday afternoon that Jalen Hurts suffered a shoulder sprain and could miss two games.]

On his consistent demeanor

Hurts doesn’t over-react when he throws an interception or makes a bad throw, and he was asked what that means to his teammates. The QB explained that he never wants to waiver and mentioned that he often says he doesn’t want to get too high or too low, but just stay the same regardless of the situation.

“You want to find joy in all of these different moments, because they’re all teachable moments and they all form what’s to come. So, I think I’ll never have a doubt in the outcome of what we want. You know, I know we work for it and I never have a doubt in that and I want those guys to look me in the eyes and no there’s not a doubt. Know that with the preparation we put in together that we’ll find a way, and I want them to have that trust in me.”

He was later asked if he’s always been so even-keeled when he’s thrown an interception, and with a smile, Hurts said he appreciates being asked about his life prior to college and the NFL, but he thinks he’s always been this guy. Someone who trusts the process, puts in the works, and relies on the preparation to find a way.

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