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Jalen Hurts doesn’t respond to Micah Parsons’ goading

The Eagles QB spoke to reporters about his day of care for the Philly community earlier in the week.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts spoke to reporters on Wednesday, and sort of addressed the comments made by Micah Parsons. The QB also talked a lot about the work he’s been doing in the community, and why it’s so important for him to be involved, specifically with the kids around Philly.

Here’s what Hurts had to say:

On Micah Parsons comments

Hurts was asked about Parsons’ comments this week about whether the Eagles success is due to quarterback play or due to the people he has around him.

“We’re worried about the Bears right now.”

Later he was asked about his post-game comments about carrying the scars around from the past, but also being laser-focused on the moment. Hurts explained that you forgive but you don’t forget — those comments aren’t something he dwells on, and he keeps moving forward.

On his improved vision of the field

Head coach Nick Sirianni pointed to Hurts’ improvement this season to how the QB is seeing the field and reacting quickly. Hurts said that it’s a testament to the work they put in during the offseason, and everything boils down to the foundation they laid with hard work and the time they put in. Everything they’ve done has led them to be efficient and consistent and to play at a high level.

On his involvement with the Philly community

Hurts talked about some of the things he did around the community on Tuesday, he called it a day of care around Philadelphia. The QB says that doing things for the kids around Philly, has so much value for him and definitely affects him.

“When you have the opportunity to impact people in the way that we do — working with those kids yesterday, I had the opportunity to work with some kids with the KB Foundation, and it’s basically a mentorship program, and I came in as a mentor for the day along with five other men. It’s 12 young boy, 12 boys from grades 8 through 11, I think, and the intelligence they have, the wisdom that they have, the potential that they have, it’s very inspiring. And I think for a person like me to be there for them, and tell them that you can do it. Like, ‘You’re special. You can really do this. You can do whatever you put your mind to.’ I think that impacted me in a way that I never thought I’d be impacted.”

He went on to say that these kids don’t get the credit and encouragement they deserve, and all the events he participated in on Tuesday is a way to pour into the future generation. Given the platform that he has, he tries to be present and give them the encouragement they need in person, and let them know that they have someone that cares about them.

Hurts met with a family who was mourning the loss of their son, and he mentioned that the joy they get from watching his success on TV is surreal for him.

The QB explained that everything means more in Philly and the fans and city support the team through thick and thin, and the players get that and want to pour that back into the community.

“We’re trying to show up for the city on and off the field.”

Other notables

  • Hurts acknowledged that he loves watching football, and Bears’ QB Fields is someone he has a lot of respect for — from the QB’s time at Georgia and Ohio State to how he’s been able to elevate the Bears in a short amount of time.
  • He was asked about what others around the league can learn from his improvement from 2021 to 2022, but Hurts said there’s no secret formula, he just puts in the work. The QB tries to remain consistent in his work habits, so while the results have changed, the process has remained the same.
  • After Sunday’s win over the Giants, Miles Sanders attributed his successful season to a change in mindset during the offseason. His comments echoed a lot of what Hurts says, and he mentioned that as a leader you can’t be a hypocrite with what you’re saying, so he wouldn’t be surprised if that had an impact on his teammates. The QB explained that he has high values and principles for himself and a determined work ethic that he leads with.

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