Here's Why it's not crazy to go 17-0

Let's look at why it is more than likely the Eagles will finish 17-0.

1) Washington at Eagles. Call me crazy, but I actually think Taylor Heinecke has a better shot at beating the Eagles than Wentz. Heinecke is really not that bad. However I think that Philly's last weeks Texans game was a wake up call to the Eagles to not take any team lightly. This game will be at home, on Monday night, and although I think it will be a little bit closer than most people think, Washington is just too much of a dysfunctional mess to take down the last remaning undefeated team. Dan Snyder will probably try to get a few more sexual assaults in before he's removed. He'll be way too much of a distraction.

2) Eagles at Colts. Sam Ehlinger is the QB. Their head coach was just fired. I'm not going to knock the guy. But, bruh, come on. This game will be probably the easiest lay up on the schedule.

3) Packers at Eagles. Never count out Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, the packers suck right now. But for some reason, those quick little throws he does against Philly always seems to work. Thank heavens he longer has Devonte Adams. And should the Packers lose the next 2 games in a row, Rodgers will be so mentally checked out at this point. However, if they start winning the next couple games, this could be a little bit more difficult. Thank god the game is in Philly.

4) Titans at Eagles. Whether its weak arm Ryan Tannehill, or unproven Malik Willis, the Titans are heading in the wrong direction. Yes, Derrick Henry is a beast and will probably run all over us. But running backs do not win you games. Not to mentions, AJ Brown is going to go OFF against the team that didn't think he was worth $100m. This game could be close, especially if Derrick Henry does Derrick Henry things, but the Eaglse are just the better team all around.

5) Eagles at Giants. The Giants are the worst friggen 6-2 team I've ever had to watch. Their QB can't throw and their whole offense goes through Barkley. They've gotten every bounce to go there way. Finally the Seahawks exposed them last week and crushed them. It's time for the Giants' luck to start running out. No more fumbles that fall right into their hands. No more defenders dropping easy pick 6s. Besides the Texans game, I have the Giants losing out.

6) Eagles at Bears. Yeah Justin Fields played real well last week (still lost). And yeah Soldier Field is a piece of sh*t. But so are the Bears.The Bears have talent. But until Fields proves that last week was who he really is and not just an anomaly, i'd bet my middle testicle that the Eagles win this game easily.

7) Eagles at Cowboys. This game has cowboys fans are creaming their pants for. Ok first of all, Zeke is done so I'd imagine by then, Tony Pollard gets more reps, as he should. Cee Dee Lamb still can't catch the ball. Dak is a fine QB sure. Micah Parsons is a monster. Could this be a loss? Maybe... maybe it could.. This is the only game im 50/50 on.

8) Saints at Eagles. Andy Dalton will not beat the eagles. Michael Thomas is apprantly never playing fooball again. Taysom Hill's gadget stuff is getting old. The Saints are trash.

9) Giants at Eagles. Even though the Eagles will most likely be resting all of their starters here because they've clinched the number 1 seed, I still anticipate them being the piss out of this awful organization.

Then you got the playoffs...

After our first round bye, I'd imagine we'd play the Bucs...

By then, Brady will contrinue to lose weight and look like the poster child of someone with AIDS.

Then maybe we'd face off agaisnt the Cowboys in the NFC championship game (wow!)... I think i'd empty my 401k just to buy tickets to that game.

And then we'd play the Bills in the Superbowl.. a Bills team that just lost to Jets.

If this happens, i'm going to find a living member of the 1972 dolphins team and pop a cork off a champagne bottle right at their stupid faces.