Is it me or did the eagles make a huge clock management mistake in the 4th

The eagles ran their 3rd down play with something like 2:07 to go in the 4th quarter with over 10 seconds on the play clock. Why not let that run down until the 2 minute warning. I can’t imagine Hurts did that on his own. The eagles clearly didn’t think there was any chance of them not scoring but getting the ball back because they burned a time out on the very next play trying to get an offsides.

For the most part the coaches have been pretty good on clock management but this is a terrible mistake. If they want to win a super bowl that type of mistake can’t happen. I’m not a coach so please someone defend this and tell me why I’m wrong. No ego here. Best I can figure this saved the colts 1 time out \ 30 seconds how ever you want to look at it. It didn’t matter but it would have against a better team.