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Eagles Reacts Survey: Week 11

To what extent did fan confidence take a hit?

NFL: Washington Commanders at Philadelphia Eagles Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

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Well, it’s not hard to predict a drop in Eagles fan confidence following Philadelphia’s first loss of the season. The only question is: to what extent did the Birds losing to the Washington Commanders shake your faith in the team?

If I had to give you my concern level with the loss on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being ‘the sky is falling!’), I’m at a 2. The toothless defense was certainly frustrating to watch. As were the turnovers.

And I don’t buy that losing was a good thing for the Eagles. That loss was potentially costly in terms of the standings. At the very least, it ruined their cushion.

But while the loss was by no means preferable, we can now see how they respond to it. Do things snowball and result in more losses? Or will they prove it’s a blip on the radar?

The Eagles earned some benefit of the doubt with their 8-0 start. As frustrating as Monday night was, they’re still 8-1 and in good shape headed down the stretch.

Now is not the time to panic.

It will be time to get pretty concerned if they lose to the Indianapolis Colts, though.

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