Do the Eagles have 10 Pro-Bowlers on the Roster?

I've been thinking a lot lately about the Pro Bowl and how many players we should have that are pretty easy considerations. But how many do we actually have? Unfortunately it's not always about the best player. Sometimes name recognition plays a factor. Sometimes splash plays are more valued than others. Here is my list of who I believe we're sending to the Pro-Bowl if the season ended today with a breakdown of why.

Starting with Offense

QB Jalen Hurts: Any time you're in the running for MVP you're an easy choice for the Pro Bowl. There should be no argument here, but..., Hurts' haters... well..., there's always the ignore button. Let's Look at where Hurts is at midway through the season
You could argue that there are better quarterbacks out there, but there really aren't many performing better, and it's not by a large margin, and they are in the AFC

WR AJ Brown: When your quarterback is going to the pro bowl, there's a good chance some of his offensive weapons are coming with him. That's not to ignore the impact of AJ Brown himself. Brown has been a large part of Hurts' breakout.
  • 718 receiving yards. 6th in the league and 3rd in the conference behind Jefferson and Kupp
  • 6 TD which is tied for 2nd most in the league
  • 89.9 receiver grade by PFF ranked 4th
The guy is a beast, he has the stats to back it up. And he's playing on an offense with multiple weapons which his quarterback has been spreading the ball around to.

RB Miles Sanders: Now I know here is where I'm sure some people are going to disagree. There was a contingent of people on here, led by some certain writers who stated to rally the pitchforks against Miles last year. It was dumb and unfounded then and still is. The big complaint was no TDs and fumbles. The reality is Miles was averaging 5.5 yards per carry and only had 1 fumble on 137 attempts in 12 games played. But BGN always needs a villan. Some of that energy carried over to this year, but just look at the stats.
  • 656 yards which is 7th in the league
  • the only RB in the NFC with more yards is Saquon and he's averaging 4.8 yards/carry
  • He's doing this while being on a team that does running back by committee and has a mobile QB that is actively used in the running game. Teams with mobile quarterbacks who are a significant part of their run game like Baltimore or Buffalo, don't have running backs doing what Miles is doing.
  • ZERO Fumbles
  • 6 TDs which is tied for 5th
TE Dallas Goedert: This is probably one of the easiest selections. He has not gained the recognition he deserves around the league, but I believe that ends this year. We have been so lucky to have Ertz followed by Goedert, who in the long run, may prove to be the better TE.
  • 521 receiving yards ranked 2nd among TEs and 21st among all receivers
  • 125.8 passer rating when targeted!!
  • 2 TDs he could use a few more of these but it doesn't take away from how good he's playing or the impact he is making for his QB and team
  • 8.9 yard average after the catch.
RT Lane Johnson: Lane is another one who doesn't get as much recognition around the league as he deserves
  • Ranked 8th overall by PPF
  • has 0 sacks and 0 QB hits in 521 snaps, which none of the players ranked higher can claim.
C Jason Kelce: This man is awesome. Great guy, True leader. Excellent Baller. Up and coming Podcaster. Go check out New Heights if you haven't already. If you don't know, now you know.
  • Ranked 3rd overall by PPF
  • 0 sacks and 0 QB hits in 552 snaps
Honorable Mentions: We have some great players left in Devonta Smith and Landon Dickerson who has not allowed a sack and only two hits, but the reality is that there are other players in the league out performing them. I think Smith has an opportunity to improve his case over the 2nd half of the season, but it is a tough group to fight your way into.

The Defense

Honestly this is a bit harder. Our defense is clearly one of the top defenses in the league led by many excellent players. We have struggled a bit on the run defense, which may just be subject to the style of play. But it does hurt the argument for some of our players who have not graded out well in that category.

DT: Javone Hargrave: If he continues to stay hot, this should be a more certain pick, but I feel he's on the bubble right now and it could go either way as there are some other great players at this position.
  • 87.8 Pass Rush grade by PFF which is ranked 5th
  • 6 Sacks tied for 3rd among all DTs
  • 20 Hurries tied for 5th among all DTs
  • For context he has more sacks and hurries than Aaron Donald
  • Whats hurting his chances is the rush defense and tackling. He's not a household name so he'll have to continue to put up sacks and TFLs
CB Darius Slay: is a lockdown corner. Anyone who can take Justin Jefferson who is arguably one of the best WRs in the league, who is off to a HOF level career, and make him into a non-factor is an easy in for a Pro Bowl spot.
  • 83.6 coverage ranking by PFF which has him ranked as 5th in the league, 2nd in the NFC
  • 3 INT which is 2nd among Cornerbacks
  • 36.2 Passer Rating Allowed
CB James Bradberry: I believe this is a long shot but I felt it would be disrespectful to not include him as he has been absolutely balling next to Slay and his stat line is almost identical. Unfortunately I don't know if the NFL is going to send two CBs from the same team. If he continues to snag balls out of the air he may just force the issue.
  • 78.2 coverage ranking 15th by PFF
  • 3 INT
  • 38.4 Passer Rating allowed.

S Chauncey Gardner-Johnson: I expect some disagreement here, but hear me out. Trevon Diggs, who was trash last year by nearly every measure went to the pro-bowl. Not as an alternate, but as the main guy. He did so by leading the league in interceptions with 11.
  • Through 8 games CGJ has 5 interceptions on a new defense
  • 1 sack

Honorable Mentions: I expect to receive some pushback here for excluding some players, but sometimes it comes down to a certain aspect of their game that is lacking, and sometimes they are just being out performed by players on other teams, despite their great play for the Eagles

DE Graham, Reddick, and Sweat: are all having great years. This position group is much like our running back position where it's done by committee, and no single DE is crushing it alone. Sweat and Graham have also been relatively decent against the run. The problem is the competition at this spot is very high, with some big names and this could get down to popularity. If any of those three go on a tear, they could fight their way into a spot.

LB TJ Edwards: is having a great year and is ranked 10th out of all LBs according to PFF. Not enough splash plays to get considered, and as with the rest of the defense needs to get better against the run. Coverage could also improve.

Time will tell who makes it or not, but who is on the list that you would remove? And are there any players that you think I snubbed that will definitely make it. Let us know in the comments below.

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