The NY Giants- The Least Concerning 6-2 Team I've Ever Watched

The New York Giants will not win a single game the rest of the 2022 season. Hear me out. First off, let's see how they got to 6-2:

1) At Titans. Down by 10. Daboll ballsly goes for 2 to take the lead. Titans go right down the field and miss a chip shot. Yes, it's a win for the Giants. But 9 times out of 10, that would've resulted in a loss.

2) week 2. HOME GAME. Played the now-benched Baker Marfirled. Arguably the worst team in the league. The panthers fumbled their first 2 possessions (does that ever happen?!). Giants still down 7 in the second half and need to rely on Gano making multiple 50+ fieldgoals to win by 3.

3) Giants at home against the Cooper Rush led Cowboys. Cee Dee Lamb drops a wide open TD. Thankfully giants lose that game thanks, in part, to a pathetic interception thrown by none other, DanNnY DimES.

4) Giants at Home against the putrid Bears. This game was weirdly close. giants luck out again with 2 muffed punts. Somehow the giants are 3-1.

5) Giants vs Packers. "Away game". Even though the London Market is far bigger for NY than Green Bay. Green Bay blows a 2 TD lead. Aaron Rodgers begins to suck. I have no idea how the Giants win this game.

6) Ravens at Giants (this is like their FIFTH HOME GAME IN A ROW!). giants losing by 10 with 5 minutes left. Lamar Jackson throws a pick that my asspergers cousin wouldnt dare to even throw. And then Lamar fumbles on the next drive. the Giants do not have a good defense. This was merely a self implosion.

7) Giants at Jags. Jaguars fans do not exist. Everyone in Florida is a recently moved New Yorker. this is now their 6th home game in row. Jags blew a 10 point lead. And still should've won on the last play, but, nope.

8) Giants at Seahawks. Finally an away game. Despite the Giants forcing a Tyler Lockett fumble at the 1 yard line (WHICH NEVER HAPPENS!) AND the fact that Lockett dropped a wide open TD pass, the Giants still get rocked and lose by 2 TDs.


9) Giants at home (AGAIN) against the Texans.The Texans are a bad team. But they have shown that they do have some fight in them. The Giants will probably win this game, but it is by no means a guarantee.

10). Giants AT HOME AGAIN against the Lions. The Lions are going to smack the hell out of the Giants. Give me Jared Goff over Daniel Jones any day. The Lions can put up points. The Giants cannot.

11). Giants at Cowboys. Thanksgivingday. Giants lost to Cooper Rush. Hencethereforth, they will get creamed by Prescott.

12) Washington at Giants (wow another home game!). Heineicke>Jones. washingtons receivers > giants receivers.

13) Eagles at Giants (another home game!!). Ill be there. I live like 15 mins from rutherford. Best team in the league vs the most overhyped team in the league. Game should be over by halftime. Giants fans will start to wish they had a modern day QB.

14) Giants at Commanders. At this point, Gmen and Commanders may have a somewhat similar record. its going to be a nifty battle for 3rd place. Heineicke wins with ease while Brian Daboll smokes hes little cigar out of frustration.

15) Giants at Minnesota. The second best team in the NFC. As lame as the "skol" chant is, I will be chatinig it naked outside my apartment building for all to see. giants get crushed.

16). Colts at Giants. Ehhh lets give the little g men a win here. They deserve it.

17). Giants at Philly. Philly will most lkely be resting their starters. Unless we are playing for undefeated. I don't care who's back there for philly- Minshew, Covey, Ward, Dean... it doesn't matter.. Eagles destroy a giants team that will be finishing again with a losing record.

No more talk of Daboll being "coach of the year." That award shall go to Sirianni. giants will be forced to franchise tag Jones because they wont be able to have a high enough draft pick to take his replacement. And if they are smart, they get rid of barkley for anything of value.

So, there you have it. Best case scenario, Giants go 8-9 (with wins coming against the Texans and Colts). Worst case scenario is thy finish 6-11. My money is on 7-10.