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A.J. Brown: ‘I had a big day, but I could’ve had an even bigger day’

The Eagles’ wide receiver reacts to his career-high game against the Steelers, and talks about how much fun the team is having.

The Eagles were definitely having fun on Sunday against the Steelers, and will continue their undefeated streak heading into a Week 9 matchup on Thursday night. Wide receiver A.J. Brown spoke to reporters after the game and talked about why he’s upset about some of his missed opportunities, but also smiled from ear-to-ear when talking about how much fun the team is having.

The WR finished the game with six catches for 156 yards and three touchdowns — although it could have been five touchdowns.

Brown said he lights up when he only has one guy covering him because that means he’s open and has a good chance to get the ball. He did express disappointment in the missed opportunity for a fourth TD later in the game — Brown acknowledged that there was a flag that would have negated it anyway, but he knows he could have caught that ball. The WR said there was another pass he dropped because it got lost in the sun.

“I’m really kind of upset right now, because I know that I could’ve had a — I had a big day, but I could’ve had an even bigger day if I made the most out of them opportunities. There’s definitely room for improvement.”

Brown was asked about his first touchdown catch and how it looked like he slowed up a bit during his route. He explained that he wasn’t supposed to be the target there. He was supposed to clear things out for DeVonta Smith, get the safety out way, but then Brown looked up and the ball was in the air coming his direction, so he knew he had to make a play.

The WR also talked about the taunting penalty he drew after his second touchdown, admitting, with a smile, that he was counting, “One, two, that’s not enough.”

On Brown’s last reception of the day, he thought he would end up in the endzone, and was disappointed that he didn’t get there. He said that Minkah Fitzpatrick swiped his legs from behind and took him down, citing it as the first time in his career that someone’s caught up to him — something his teammates gave him a hard time about after the game.

Still, he talked about how fun it was to have games like they did on Sunday against the Steelers.

“It’s fun. As you saw, we were out there doing celebrations and everything. It’s fun. It’s fun, man. It’s nothing like it. That I can say, like, not to throw bad blood on anyone, but it’s like, most of the time we are having fun. This whole offense, this team, we’re enjoying each other. [Jason] Kelce on the sideline with the Batman mask, like we’re thinking about stuff to do and we’re doing it. It’s so fun. I don’t got the words for it. We’re just enjoying each other and playing ball and doing what we love.”

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