Instant reactions to a day in the slop

The weather wasn't very pretty Sunday, and neither was the start to the game for the Eagles.

To me, it felt like a golfer opening a new sleeve of balls and immediately driving two of them out of bounds on the first hole. All you can think about is how much they cost and how you only have one ball left for the rest of the round.

But the Eagles rallied in the wind and the rain to remain undefeated. So let's look at how they did it.

For starters, the Eagles simply had better qb play. Jalen Hurts has won in a variety of ways this season. He picked apart Minnesota's zone defense, avoided Detroit's blitzes and threw over the heads of the WFT defensive backs who took away the short passing game.

On Sunday, he willed himself into the end zone for the team's first TD, and also took a series of punishing hits on read option plays where the defense focused on making him pay. While that strategy may have resulted in a DE feeling good about getting a healthy lick in against a QB, it also made the decision to hand the ball off that much easier, resulting in lengthy runs. A smart DE who is unblocked on a read option wants the qb to have to hold the ball by not over-committing, but the Jags weren't interested in that. And this led to some easy big plays for Miles Sanders.

Meanwhile, Trevor Lawrence was bad. He failed to feel pressure and manipulate the pocket. He didn't do much with his legs on a day when the team needed his mobility. In short, we won in large part because our qb was better than theirs.

This was one game where their offensive line - once Mailata and Seumalo were out, was better than ours, but it didn't matter. We dominated their defensive tackles, which allowed Kelce to get clean to the second level and take out their linebackers. This was something we weren't able to do against the WFT, as their DTs are the best in the game. But the roster of DTs we face in the coming weeks isn't that impressive, so our interior running game should absolutely feast, which opens up the passing game as teams need to load the box to stop us.

It was nice to see that two defensive backs - Zech McPhearson and Josiah Scott - got significant reps on a day when it was nearly impossible to throw the ball. Getting them experience is key to see what our future needs are.

Our defensive line continues to dominate, and we are among the league leaders in sacks and turnovers, two areas we desperately needed to improve from last season. Obviously the weather vastly benefitted each defense, so it was nice to see them pretty much shut down the Jags.

Around the NFL, the Eagles saw some pretty good outcomes. In particular, the Saints losing was big for us. They have a brutal schedule coming up, and if they don't win the game next week against the Seahawks, who have looked pretty good so far this year, it could be a while until they get their second win.

Looking ahead to the draft, Will Anderson is obviously a dream scenario for the Eagles. OLB isn't their biggest need, but he is an absolute game wrecker. For the Eagles to have a shot, they need either the #1 pick or for every team picking before them to need a qb. Right now the most obvious teams to be picking ahead of them are the Texans, the Panthers, the WFT, and the Lions, all of whom could draft a qb. With two franchise qbs available in Stroud and Young, my hope is that the Eagles are picking at #3. It's early days, obviously, but it would be incredible to add someone like him to our defense. We need the Bears and the Jets to start winning some games, as they are the two really bad teams I could see drafting him, but their schedules are much easier than the remaining games for the Saints, who have already played the Panthers and Falcons once.

The Cowboys winning wasn't ideal, but I am not sold on them being any good. The NFC East is somewhat overrated right now, with all the teams benefitting from schedules as soft as marshmallows. Our Eagles played a Vikings team that looks to be somewhat decent, and the Jags should be okay this year, but the Lions and WFT are clearly bad.

The Cowboys had a nice win against the Bengals, but the wins against the Giants and WFT are obviously not impressive. The Giants winning games is good for us. We want them drafting outside of the top 10. The WFT is in meltdown mode. My guess is that Sam Howell will start sooner rather than later.

So, overall, a great weekend for the Eagles despite the nasty weather. The upcoming two games are huge. If we can manage two wins, it is tough to see a game where we won't be favored. Green Bay looked bad yesterday, and we have them at home. The same is true for the Titans.

After that, there doesn't appear to be a tough game until we go to Dallas at the tail end of the season. But that's looking pretty far down the road. For now, let's enjoy being 4-0 and focus on getting a win on the road against a pretty good team.