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Nick Sirianni is hopeful Robert Quinn will play in Eagles vs. Steelers

The Eagles head coach is excited to add the veteran pass rusher to the defense.

Eagles’ head coach Nick Sirianni spoke to reporters on Friday and expressed his excitement about adding Robert Quinn to their defense and what it’ll mean for the pass rush. He also talked about the running back group, and how the team structure’s their Saturday situational meeting.

Here’s what the head coach had to say:

On trading for Robert Quinn

“We’re working on getting him up to speed. He’s a smart guy that’s been in a lot of different systems. Our coaches are working hard, and we’re hopeful he’s playing on Sunday.

His addition adds another good player to the system, amongst a group of guys that can already get after the passer. Then you add another guy, and that’s just more fresh legs coming after the quarterback, which to me is one of the most important positions in football.”

Sirianni talked about his experience playing against Quinn, and the head coach said that he was a guy you had to know where he was on the field at all times. He quipped about having a protection in the past named 2 Jet Quinn because they had to account for him. Sirianni mentioned that Quinn obviously had a great year last year, and he’s still playing a high level.

“Sometimes sacks come in waves, but we still see the juice in his legs, his ability to put the tackle in a threatening spot and create pressure. We’re excited to have him.”

They’ve developed a culture in Philly where they embrace connecting and getting to know guys, which will help Quinn get acclimated to the team. The system of getting him up to speed is already built thanks to the players they have in the locker room — like Brandon Graham.

Sirianni was asked if Quinn is the kind of player who would benefit from playing fewer snaps than he was in Chicago, and rotating more with Graham and Josh Sweat.

“Sure, we’ll see what we end up going with for playing time with all the guys, and we’re still in discussion through all those things. Just like you guys ask me at times with Dallas [Goedert] and AJ [Brown] and DeVonta [Smith]. We want to get them all the ball. Same thing here. We want them all to be able to rush. They all need to rush, and they all need to go out there and play.

Yeah, we look to have good fresh legs and waves coming at the quarterbacks creating pressure.”

On the RB group

“I love that group. Jemal Singleton, the running back coach, is doing a great job of coaching them. They’re doing a great job protecting the football, the emphasis of it. They are playing with great fundamentals. Miles [Sanders] is obviously our guy and is making big plays on top of big plays.

That’s not something that’s surprising to us because we see that in practice every day. Thought he had a great practice yesterday. Excited for him to be able to play against his hometown team. That’s kind of a cool thing.”

On their Saturday meetings

Sirianni talked about their Saturday situational meetings, but he explained that it’s a culmination of several situational meetings they have during the week. The coaches try and work out as many potential scenarios that they can, and then on Saturday they do a quiz-type walkthrough. He challenges the coaches to call the plays as quickly as possible and allows the players to hear it and see the process.

“They just have to react to the situation and the play that’s called. It’s kind of going in the same steps of the way a game would go. Shane will call a play, players know the scenario we are on, we give our reminders for that play or that scenario, and they have to go.

So, we are basically doing what we would do in a walk-through or practice setting. You are practicing what’s to come.”

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