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Robert Quinn admits he’s still ‘shocked’ the Bears traded him to the Eagles

The veteran DE is focused on learning the playbook, which is where everything starts as he acclimates to his new team.

A week before the NFL trade deadline, the Eagles sent a fourth-round pick to Chicago for defensive end Robert Quinn. The 12-year veteran admitted the move was shocking for him, but he’s happy to be in Philly and ready to do his part to help the team. He spoke to reporters on Thursday and talked about how he fits in the defense, and also about why he’s been able to have such a long, successful career.

Here’s what the DE had to say:

On being traded to Philly

Quinn was honest that he was shocked by the trade, and noted he’s still a little shocked by the move and trying to get a full grasp on everything that’s happening.

“Besides that, happy. You know, new place, great — as I told everyone, I just want to come in, do my part, and you know, they’ve been rocking and rolling before I got here. So, again, I don’t want to mess anything up, just try and add whatever I can to help make this team better, and basically try and stay out the way.”

The DE has been traded a couple other times in his career but never mid-season. He wouldn’t call them challenges, but he does need to learn the playbook and then also get to know everyone in the building from the coaches to teammates. Quinn admitted he’s not great with names, so that’s one thing that will be a challenge, but is also something he takes on personally because he wants to know people not just their number.

He wasn’t quite sure how he’ll get over the shock of the move, other than to just keep looking at his helmet and the playbook. It’s not something he can change, so he just has to get to work.

Quinn was later asked about how he felt in Chicago this season, and he noted that he loved his teammates, but it wasn’t his first coaching change to go through. He said he knew what to expect and how things would change, although he was not expecting to be traded.

The DE also didn’t put much thought into the fact he was going from a team with little playoff potential to one that has what it takes for a long run. He emphasized that his priority right now is learning the playbook, and that’s where his focus is. Quinn mentioned that he told the guys that they created the 6-0 record before he got to Philly, so he just wants to do his part, which starts with learning the playbook.

Quinn was asked what it’s like as a pass rusher in the second half when you’ve got a sizeable lead, and with a smirk, the DE noted, “I guess I’m about to find out.”

“I haven’t had many of ‘em, so I guess I’m about to find out.”

On how he fits in the defense

“Wherever and however they decide to play me, I just basically do whatever they ask. Like I said earlier, just want to do my part to help contribute, and keep helping this team doing what they’ve been doing this year, and that’s winning. Whatever my contribution may be from what they have, I’m just trying to do that to the best of my ability.”

Quinn noted that while the scheme may be similar to what he did in Chicago years ago, terminology is very different.

He also mentioned that his interactions early on with Nick Sirianni and Jonathan Gannon were brief, as he had spent most of the day Thursday running around the building and trying to get things in order.

One of the first guys to welcome him in the locker room was Brandon Graham, who has a few years on Quinn. He said that having the “OG” of the team welcome him made him feel appreciated. The DE hasn’t been in Philly long, but he could already see BG’s personality, and it made for a warm welcome for Quinn.

On his long-term success

“I just try to work my tail off, perfect my craft because it’s not given to you. So, you gotta come and work everyday. The Coach used to say, don’t get complacent, you know, thinking you’ve got it because you did it one time, you’ve gotta keep practicing and perfecting your craft each and every day. I guess I’ve been doing it pretty good enough to stick around for 12 years, but can always get better regardless.”

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