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Jalen Hurts expects Robert Quinn to help the Eagles in a number of ways

The Eagles’ QB talked about how he handled the bye week, and why it’s tough for him to step away for a break.

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was back to work on Wednesday — a place that gives him peace — and talked about how he approached the bye week and what he expects as the team gets back on the field. He also touched on Robert Quinn joining the team, the Phillies going to the World Series, and his friendship with Steelers safety Minkah Fitzpatrick.

Here’s what the QB had to say:

On the bye week

Hurts said that he tried to take advantage of the break, allowed his body to rest and also took time to evaluate where he is as a player and where they are as a team.

“I always strive for efficiency, consistency, and knowing what I’m supposed to do, knowing how to react to certain things. And, you find tendencies, you find different things, and those are all things you discuss. I think it’s been great to have conversations with Coach Sirianni, Coach Brian [Johnson], Coach [Shane Steichen] — even talking to Coach [Jonathan Gannon] —, growing and learning. It’s an opportunity for us to learn, and I feel like we did that this week.”

The QB admitted that it is tough to have time away from the game during the bye, and that his peace comes from football. Hurts said that serving people and the community are important to him, but there’s a different type of peace for him in the game.

“I value it a lot, and I know you only get a certain amount of time to do it, and been blessed to truly come to work and do something that I love, and I have an eagerness to just be the best at it and grow at it every day.

Later on, Hurts was asked what gives him faith that the team will come back for a bye with the same urgency and precision they had through six weeks, but the QB said he wasn’t expecting the same team back, he’s expecting them to take a step up. He noted that, at least personally, he’s looking to level up this, just like every week.

On the Robert Quinn trade

“I think it’s another great player on this team. He has a history of being a great defensive end and edge rusher, and I think he’ll help us out in a number of ways. Adds a lot of depth, and I’m excited to meet him — I’m excited to meet him [Thursday] when he comes.”

On the Phillies in the World Series

“I think it’s great for the City of Philadelphia, what the Phillies are doing. Nobody, for whatever reason — nobody expected them to do this, and I think it shows the type of team that they are, how they’re coached, and the mentality that they have. We preach it all the time, and you see it on display when you see them play, how they play together. Truly making plays for one another.”

On Steelers’ safety Minkah Fitzpatrick

“[Fitzpatrick] is a guy, you know, you know where he is on the field. I have a lot of respect for him, knowing him personally, knowing the type of man he is, the character he has, and the work he puts in.

I remember a lot of nights where — it’s a Saturday night, a Friday night, and everybody’s out and I’m thinking I’m the only one going to the weight room and to the field to do extra work, but Minkah was there too. And you know, he played defensive back, he’d go out and run routes for me, that’s how versatile he was.

Again, a lot of respect for Minkah. He’s been making big-time plays since I’ve known him.”

Other notables

  • Hurts elaborated on some of the things he likes to discuss with DC Jonathan Gannon, saying he likes to get a defensive perspective on things, and will ask Gannon how he would try and stop the QB in certain situations.
  • When asked about how he tries to stay ahead of how defense’s might look to stop him. Hurts said that the key is to keep trying to master his technique and fundamentals, because then he’ll have well-rounded answers when defense’s throw new things at him.

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