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State of the Eagles’ offense: By the numbers

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With the Eagles on a bye this week, I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the stats on offense and defense. Up first is the offense. Next week’s film room will be on Jalen Hurts and his start to the season, so keep an eye out for that too!

Statistics are extremely useful but always keep in mind they can sometimes lack context and they only tell a very small part of the story. Still, they are very useful and hopefully you will learn something interesting from them! As always, everything here is from Sports Info Solutions.

Offense Rankings

  • 26.3 Points per game (4th)
  • 394 Yards per game (4th)
  • 5.6 Yards per play (13th)
  • 0.106 EPA per play (3rd)
  • 238 Passing yards per game (13th)
  • 8.2 Yards per pass attempt (1st)
  • 0.177 EPA per pass (3rd)
  • 156 Rushing yards per game (5th)
  • 4.2 Yards per carry (23rd)
  • 0.023 EPA per rush (5th)
  • 43% 3rd down conversion % (6th)
  • 69% 4th down conversion % (4th)
  • 0.3 Giveaways per game (1st)

The Eagles statistics are obviously very impressive. This is easily a top 5 offense in pretty much every metric and the Eagles haven’t been involved in many shootouts as their defense has been really strong which actually limits the offensive output as they are running games out.

I think the underrated statistic is the 0.3 giveaways per game. When evaluating Jalen Hurts and this coaching staff, that is a hugely overlooked stat that they deserve huge credit for. It’s a bit of a cliche, but turnovers win games and if that stat stays low throughout the entire season then the Eagles are going to go very far this year.

As well as looking at the basic statistics, I thought I would dive into some specific areas of the Eagles’ offense, starting with their overall tendencies this year.


Let’s start with personnel. The Eagles have started to run a lot more heavy personnel in recent weeks and they run 12/13 personnel at a pretty high rate. I like this approach as it enables them to have more blockers in the run game but also tries and force the defense to play more single-high which will allow the receivers more one-on-one matchups.

The Eagles ran some more under center this week, but this is still a shotgun offense. The Eagles ran a pretty simple offense with the same plays from different looks. This is why the no-huddle numbers are important as the Eagles don’t want to give the defense time to prepare and the Eagles offense can go pretty quickly as they repeat a lot of the same play calls. Nick Sirianni said in the offseason that he wanted to use more motion but so far they have actually used less this year, but we did see them use it effectively this week. Quality > quantity. I am glad to see the play-action numbers are top 10 as this was a strength of Hurts game last season.

The Eagles still love a screen pass! I am assuming SIS counts the RPO bubble screens the Eagles run as screen passes which is another reason why this number will be so high.

As each week progresses, the Eagles seem to run more and more zone-run concepts and they are really becoming a zone-heavy run team which isn’t surprising considering the RPO stuff they are running. The modern NFL is wild, the Eagles (despite having a very mobile QB and elite offensive line) continue to play teams who won’t stack the box and allow the Eagles to run at light boxes. I guess having elite wide receivers helps here too.

Specific Areas

Now, let’s look at some specific areas of the Eagles offense and some strengths and weaknesses.

1st Down

The Eagles like to run on 1st down and in recent weeks this has led to more 13 personnel sets. The Eagles still remain in 11 personnel on 1st down most of the time but they have mixed it up.


  • 73 attempts (19th), 50 completions (17th)
  • 68% completion
  • 652 yards (4th)
  • 1 TD and 0 INTs
  • 5 sacks allowed (11th worst)
  • 26 pressures (11th worst)


  • 103 attempts (3rd)
  • 443 yards (9th)
  • 4.3 yards per carry
  • 5 TDs (4th)

This is one of the reasons the Eagles are running it a lot on 1st down... defenses keep playing light boxes against them!

The Eagles offense can certainly improve on 1st down. I like the above image as although they want to run the ball they will not do it against stacked boxes and will take advantage of the single-high coverages they can get. The Eagles want to run the ball on 1st down (which isn’t a surprise) but they haven’t actually been that efficient running the ball. In the passing game, the Eagles are very efficient but do give up quite a few pressures and sacks which they will look to improve on.


As I mentioned earlier, I have been happy to see the Eagles run some more play-action this year. Here’s why!

  • 45 completions (4th)
  • 68% completion
  • 574 yards (4th)
  • 8.7 yards per attempt!
  • 4 TDs (5th), 1 INT

Hurts has excelled with play-action this year and I hope we continue to see the Eagles utilize it at a high rate.

Red Zone

When the Eagles get into the Red Zone, they aren’t afraid of getting the big guys in the game!

These numbers are interesting too. The Eagles go no-huddle in the Red Zone more than any other team and use motion at the lowest rate. I think the Eagles know they are so talented upfront they don’t need a lot of gimmicks and they just want to play fast to prevent the defense from adjusting or having time to think. The plan has worked so far!

The Eagles score a TD on 64% of their Red Zone visits which ranks 6th in the league.

However, the thing I love about doing this article is I always find random things that surprise me. For example, did you know the Eagles are very up and down throwing in the Red Zone this year? When throwing in the Red Zone, the Eagles are 12/26 (46% - yikes) for 4 TDs (2 this past week) and 0 INT. The good news is that they don’t turn the ball over and are incredibly efficient in terms of scoring but they could certainly improve that completion % over the course of the season. This is totally random but the Chiefs have thrown 15 TDs in the Red Zone this year (5 more than anyone else) from only 32 completions... Andy Reid is still a genius.

In terms of running the ball, the Eagles are fantastic in the Red Zone. And they run it A LOT. The Eagles have 51 attempts (1st - next highest is 42) for 128 yards (2nd) and 12 touchdowns (1st - 4 more than 2nd). This stat is absurd but they somehow have 18 1st downs (1st) on these 51 attempts too... That seems ridiculously good. The Eagles are going to continue to be very efficient in the Red Zone if teams can’t stop them from running the ball.

Short Yardage (2 or fewer yards to go).

We’ve all seen the Eagles QB sneak a lot recently, and the Eagles numbers in short-yardage situations are incredible, especially when running the ball.

When throwing, the Eagles have 13 attempts (14th highest) and 6 of them have resulted in a 1st down which isn’t great.

However, the rushing numbers are almost funny. The Eagles have 41 rushing attempts (the next highest is 29!) and from those 41 attempts... 31 of them have resulted in a 1st down!! That’s a 76% success rate when running with 2 or fewer yards to go. That is mental.

The Blitz

You just knew this was coming, I had to mention it. The biggest issue with the Eagles offense is how they handle the blitz. When throwing the ball against 5+ rushers, the Eagles are 27/52 (52%) for 316 yards (6 yards per attempt) for 0 TDs (the only team in the league) and 1 INT. In addition to that, the Eagles have taken 8 sacks (4th highest - behind teams with terrible offensive lines such as the Colts, Bears and Broncos) and have given up 33 pressures (2nd highest).

Those numbers just are not good enough. If the Eagles have a game where the run game doesn’t work and they have to throw it more, teams are going to blitz them and blitz them over and over and the Eagles need to have an answer.


I wanted to look at the Eagles use of 11 and 12 personnel because I often speak about them using 12 personnel but I feel like the Eagles have been better this year from 11 personnel and I wanted to see if the facts backed this up.

This doesn’t mean 12 personnel = bad as it’s obviously used in different situations but I just thought the above was worth noting.

Right, that will do for this week. A bit of a long one but I find it all very interesting and it provides me with a lot of context when watching the film so I hope you found it interesting/useful too! Feel free to ask me anything in the comments or let me know your thoughts.

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