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NFL Power Rankings: Week 6 Edition

100% accurate ranking of all 32 teams.

Syndication: Arizona Republic Michael Chow/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

Now that Week 5 of the 2022 NFL season is in the books, it’s time for everyone’s favorite meaningful exercise: NFL Power Rankings! What differentiates these rankings from the others is that they’re the only truly accurate ones in the entire universe. And so let’s take a look at how all 32 teams stack up ahead of Week 6.


1 - Buffalo Bills (Last Week: 2) - The Bills rank first in DVOA and point differential (by nearly double the margin of the next closest team). They’re a juggernaut. Huge game in KC coming up that could have No. 1 seed ramifications in the AFC playoff picture.

2 - Philadelphia Eagles (LW: 1) - The Eagles are coming off their worst showing of the season. It was a game where they had a lead for 45:07 on the clock and never trailed. Could be a lot worse! The Eagles certainly have some things to clean up and injury issues could be a problem. But they’re probably going to be fine. And a win over Dallas will have everyone feeling awesome about the Birds.

3 - Kansas City Chiefs (LW: 3) - Everyone knows the ball is going to Travis Kelce in the red zone. And it doesn’t matter. You can’t stop him. Four touchdowns on Monday night. Whew.

4 - Baltimore Ravens (LW: 5) - With a primetime win over Cincy, the Ravens have reestablished themselves as the top team in the AFC North.

5 - Minnesota Vikings (LW: 6) - The Vikings being fifth speaks to how there aren’t many truly awesome teams in the NFL. Minnesota is definitely above average but they’re a tier below the elites.

6 - Dallas Cowboys (LW: 9) - While Micah Parsons is obviously the star of the Cowboys’ pass rush, he’s not the only one producing. Dorance Armstrong has four sacks. DeMarcus Lawrence has three. Dante Fowler has two. Those four appear in the top 35 players ranked by Pro Football Focus’s Pass Rushing Productivity metric. Their ability to generate a lot of pressure takes a lot of pressure off of Cooper Rush. But a big test lies ahead in Philly.

7 - San Francisco 49ers (LW: 10) - DeMeco Ryans’ defense is allowing just 11.2 offensive points per game this year. No team has been better at shutting down their opponents.

8 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (LW: 8) - The Bucs haven’t scored many style points this year; they look shaky. If not for a bogus roughing the passer call on Grady Jarrett that turned 4th-and-long into a first down, Tampa may have blown a 21-0 lead in a loss to Atlanta.

9 - Miami Dolphins (LW: 4) - Their outlook may improve when Tua Tagovailoa returns. “May” because we don’t know exactly what he’ll look like after some serious head injuries. In the meantime, tough to be down to your rookie seventh-round pick third string quarterback.

10 - Los Angeles Chargers (LW: 12) - It’s tough to get too excited about this team’s ceiling because it feels like it’s capped with all of their injury issues, including Justin Herbert’s damaged ribs. They were more lucky than good to beat Cleveland. But, hey, they picked up a big win that currently has them seventh in the AFC standings.

11 - New York Giants (LW: 17) - The Giants are not GOOD good. This is a team that ranks 11th in point differential and 19th in DVOA. They’re a little worse than they record indicates. But they’re certainly a respectable team. And that’s a big upgrade on what they’ve been for a long time now. Saquon Barkley is a problem. It also seems like Daniel Jones may have solved his fumbling issues?! He only has one this year and it came in Week 1.

12 - Green Bay Packers (LW: 7) - The Packers’ vibes are simply not good. They should feel like fools for not having a better plan at wide receiver.

13 - Los Angeles Rams (LW: 11) - This is probably too high for Sean McVay’s team considering they rank THIRD-TO-LAST in point differential and 25th in DVOA. Perhaps it’s possible things click for them at some point but it’ll be more believable once we see it. Until then, the Super Bowl hangover is real for this team.

14 - Cincinnati Bengals (LW: 13) - It seemed like Cincy was back on the rise after a slow start. Nope. They’re not ready to hang with the big boys.

15 - Jacksonville Jaguars (LW: 14) - Trevor Lawrence has been disappointing more often than not this year. That needs to change.

16 - New England Patriots (LW: 18) - How long until people are saying Bailey Zappe is the next Tom Brady? The Pats won the battle of two 1-3 teams to advance to 2-3. Looks a lot better than 1-4. Season still alive.

17 - Denver Broncos (LW: 15) - Russell Wilson looks flat out cooked. It’s kinda sad. If he can’t turn it around, the Broncos are pretty screwed. Looking like an awful decision to trade a big package for him and then sign him to a huge extension.

18 - New Orleans Saints (LW: 22) - The Saints were buoyed by Seattle’s punter forgetting to punt the ball and Taysom Hill inexplicably going off for 112 yards and three touchdowns on the ground. Probably not the most sustainable way to win!

19 - Tennessee Titans (LW: 23) - The Titans haven’t done much to convince anybody they’re above average. But they’re done enough to prove they’re not terrible.

20 - New York Jets (LW: 25) - If only the Jets had a good quarterback, they might be a good team. The rest of the roster is coming into focus.

21 - Arizona Cardinals (LW: 21) - Credit them for nearly taking the NFL’s only undefeated team to overtime. Discredit them for how they totally mismanaged an end of game scenario where they would’ve had a first down if Kyler Murray didn’t slide short of the marker.

22 - Detroit Lions (LW: 16) - The NFL’s top scoring offense was shut out in Week 5. The Lions were expected to take a step forward this year but that clearly hasn’t happened. In a shocking development, the lack of improvements to their roster is resulting in a team that looks similar to last year’s version.

23 - Washington Commanders (LW: 19) - You knew there was no way Carson Wentz was throwing a game-winning touchdown to beat Tennessee. Deep down, you knew it.

24 - Cleveland Browns (LW: 20) - People seem to like Jacoby Brissett despite the fact he stinks. Still six more games of him to go until Deshaun Watson returns.

25 - Las Vegas Raiders (LW: 25) - The Raiders put forth a strong effort at Arrowhead. It wasn’t enough. And now they’re in bad shape at 1-4. They currently rank 15th out of 16 teams in the AFC standings.

26 - Atlanta Falcons (LW: 27) - The Falcons are frisky but flawed.

27 - Seattle Seahawks (LW: 28) - Geno Smith is PFF’s top graded quarterback through five weeks. He also ranks second in DVOA. This has to be the most unexpected NFL development of 2022, right?

28 - Pittsburgh Steelers (LW: 26) - Do you know which team has the worst point differential in the NFL? That’s right, it’s the Stillers.

29 - Indianapolis Colts (LW: 29) - One of their two wins was about KC totally beating themselves. Another win was about beating a very uninspiring Denver team. Still not buying the Colts.

30 - Chicago Bears (LW: 30) - Justin Fields posted the highest passer rating of his career at 118.7. Perhaps a step in the right direction! But also proof that he’s not totally doomed to be as bad as he’s mostly been.

31 - Houston Texans (LW: 32) - For as bad as the Texans have been for a bit, they never struggle to beat the Jags. They have nine straight wins over Jacksonville. They’re 15-2 in their last 17 meetings.

32 - Carolina Panthers (LW: 31) - Who could’ve guessed Matt Rhule would be the first head coach fired in 2022? Besides everyone. Though Rhule clearly wasn’t part of the solution, this might actually be a poorly timed move by Carolina. It could’ve been preferable to tank with him rather than to try to salvage a lost season and damage their positioning in the 2023 NFL Draft.

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