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Eagles Reacts Survey: Week 6

Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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One can only imagine that Philadelphia Eagles fan confidence has taken some kind of hit following a close win over the Arizona Cardinals.

In fairness, there was really only room to go down considering the confidence rating was at 99% for the past three weeks.

The Eagles clearly didn’t play their sharpest football in Week 5. And if the Cardinals’ backup kicker doesn’t miss a 43-yard field goal, it’s quite possible they lose in overtime and drop to 4-1 ahead of a big game against the Cowboys.

But the feeling here is that some might be overreacting to the Birds’ “moral loss,” if you can call it that. The reality is the Eagles have looked pretty good more often than not this season. The argument here is the Cardinals game is not so representative of the team as much as it was a relatively lackluster day at the office.

The Eagles have an opportunity to put the Cards game behind them with a win over the Cowboys. Given how Dallas is playing good football, it won’t be easy for the Birds. But they absolutely have a path to victory against their biggest NFC East rival. The Eagles have earned some benefit of the doubt with how they’ve played this year. Now is not the time to lose faith.

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