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Eagles 2022 opponents

Here are teams that Philadelphia will play next season.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

With the Philadelphia Eagles finishing second in the NFC East, we now know all of their 2022 regular season opponents. Based on the league’s formulaic schedule structure, here’s an overview of the teams they’ll play.



Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Vikings

Jacksonville Jaguars

Tennessee Titans

Pittsburgh Steelers

New Orleans Saints

Dallas Cowboys

Washington Football Team

New York Giants


Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Indianapolis Colts

Houston Texans

Arizona Cardinals

Dallas Cowboys

Washington Football Team

New York Giants

The specific dates and times won’t be revealed until the NFL officially reveals the entire 2022 schedule in April or May.

As previously mentioned, the Eagles’ schedule is determined by a formula.

They play the three NFC East teams twice a season, so that makes up six games.

They also play one NFC and one AFC division, which rotates each year. In 2022, that’s the NFC North and the AFC South, so that’s eight more games.

The Eagles then play the two teams from each of the other two NFC divisions that finished in the same spot in their division as Philadelphia. That would be the Saints in the NFC South and the Cardinals in the NFC West.

With the addition of the 17th game, the the Eagles will play the same place finisher in a rotation AFC division. That would be the Steelers from the AFC North this year.

The NFL is typically a year-to-year league; there’s so much that can change from now until next season. With that said, here are some early thoughts about the Eagles’ 2022 opponents.

  • We’ll get to see Jalen Hurts vs. Carson Wentz. Assuming the Colts don’t try to move on from their starting quarterback ... which, well, they should be doing.
  • Only six of the Eagles’ 17 games will be against teams that made the 2022 NFL playoffs.
  • Yet another game against the Saints. 2022 marks the Eagles’ fifth meeting against New Orleans since November 2018.
  • Will Aaron Rodgers return to the Packers? That’ll certainly be worth monitoring.
  • With the Jags on tap, the Eagles are set to face off against the No. 1 pick from the 2021 NFL Draft (Trevor Lawrence) and the 2022 NFL Draft (pick TBD).
  • The Eagles will host the reigning No. 1 seed in the AFC: the Titans. Revenge for the Corey Graham game could be nice.
  • The Eagles will get to face the incredibly overrated Justin Fields in his second season.

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