The thinking that Hurts is not good enough.

I hear this a lot especially "Did you see how bad he was in the playoffs".

I will only offer this...Did you all see how bad the probable MVP was in the playoffs? In fact I watched 3 of Rodgers games this year and I told my wife three times, "Hell, Hurts is as good as this guy as a passer and he's 23 years old!" Now yes yes he has had outstanding games. But his has also laid his share of eggs. Same with Wilson and I don't want Deshaun Watson...YET. Do you? I heard somebody on 94WIP yesterday that did and justified it. Or so it seemed to me. I know Hurts has a lot of improvement to make seeing the field and passing on time but honestly so do most starters in the league have their problems, e.g. one Carson Wentz. I think Jalen has the drive and desire and habits to improve. No way do I think what we see is his ceiling. I think Lurie and Roseman would be wise to have Hurts be tutored by Jordan Palmer, brother of Carson Palmer and private coach of Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Deshaun Watson and Joe Burrow.

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