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Jalen Hurts keeps calm even when fans are falling out of the stands onto him

The Eagles’ QB wasn’t phased when a railing gave way and fans fell right into his path.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Football Team Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Eagles pulled off a much-needed win against Washington in Week 17, and with a performance that started off strong, had a few questionable moments, but ended well, Jalen Hurts’ most notable moment may have been as he was heading back to the locker room.

The QB is known for his steady demeanor no matter the situation, and that was on full display as the crowd came tumbling down toward him. It looks like everyone was fine, and Hurts (naturally) stopped to help people up. Not great that part of the stands would be that easy to collapse, but it must feel good for Hurts after some of the teams’ struggles early in the year to have Philly’s support down the stretch.

Hurts finished Sunday’s game 17-of-26 attempts for 214 yards, plus seven carries for 44 additional yards on the ground. He may not have been responsible for any touchdowns, but he did come in clutch more than once, and spread the ball around to his many offensive weapons.

No wonder he doesn’t flinch in the pocket, he doesn’t even flinch when a whole group of fans is headed right for him.

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