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Eagles rooting guide for Week 17 games

Sunday afternoon reference material.

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles

Now that the seventeenth Sunday of the 2021 NFL regular season is here, it’s time to run through a Philadelphia Eagles-focused rooting guide for all of the Week 17 games.

First, let’s establish some context.




Via Tankathon:


The Eagles can clinch a playoff spot today.

PHILADELPHIA EAGLES at WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM: The Eagles need to take care of business against WFT. Though the game might not be a cakewalk, it’ll be highly disappointing if they don’t find a way to win. Root for the Eagles.

CAROLINA PANTHERS at NEW ORLEANS SAINTS: The Saints losing helps the Eagles move closer to clinching. Root for the Panthers.

HOUSTON TEXANS at SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS: The 49ers winning might not seem like it should help the Eagles since they’re ahead of Philly in the playoff picture. But their win would help to eliminate a three-way tie scenario with New Orleans that would hurt the Birds. In a perfect world, the Panthers will beat the Saints and the 49ers will lose to the Texans in order to maximize Philly’s chances at a higher playoff seed. But those two results probably aren’t likely. The more likely outcome is the Saints win and the 49ers also win. Which is OK from the standpoint of helping Philly clinch this weekend. Root for the 49ers.

MINNESOTA VIKINGS at GREEN BAY PACKERS: No Kirk Cousins for Minnesota. Let’s be real, he was never going to show up big in this game anyway. Aaron Rodgers should be able to deliver a playoff berth to Philly assuming the Eagles win and get help from either Carolina or San Francisco. The Packers winning also helps to keep Dallas out of the No. 1 seed. Root for the Packers.


LOS ANGELES RAMS at BALTIMORE RAVENS: The Rams losing is bad news for the Cowboys since Dallas is currently benefiting from a three-way tie that negates their head-to-head loss to Tampa Bay. A Ravens win in this spot would also not help the Colts’ playoff chances, which are unfortunately already high. Root for the Ravens.

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS at NEW YORK JETS: Preferable to see the Bucs get a higher seed than Dallas. Root for the Buccaneers.

ARIZONA CARDINALS at DALLAS COWBOYS: A Cowboys loss and a Packers win allows Green Bay to clinch the No. 1 seed. Preferable to keep Dallas away from that top spot. The silver lining to a Cowboys win is that the Eagles can still get the No. 5 seed if Philly wins out and Arizona loses out. Root for the Cardinals.


MIAMI DOLPHINS at TENNESSEE TITANS: A Titans win helps them clinch the AFC South, keeping the Colts to a wild card spot at best. A Dolphins loss is also good when it comes to Philly owning Miami’s first-round pick. Root for the Titans.

LAS VEGAS RAIDERS at INDIANAPOLIS COLTS: Barring a big collapse, the Colts are probably making the playoffs. The Eagles will root for them to blow it. Root for the Raiders.

JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS at NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS: A Pats win doesn’t help the Colts’ playoff chances or their seeding. Also, if you’re hoping Doug Pederson gets the Jags job, it would be cool for him to have another No. 1 overall pick to work with. Root for the Patriots.

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS at CINCINNATI BENGALS: A Bengals win is less helpful to the Colts’ and Dolphins’ playoff chances. Root for the Bengals.

NEW YORK GIANTS at CHICAGO BEARS: I would argue the goal is to have the Giants’ first of two first-round picks be as low as possible, ideally outside the top five. A Giants win damages their current highest selection. Root for the Giants.

ATLANTA FALCONS at BUFFALO BILLS: The Bills winning isn’t helpful for the Colts or Dolphins. Also, a Falcons loss helps the Eagles in the (unlikely) event of Philly ending up in a tie against WFT. Root for the Bills.

DENVER BRONCOS at LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: A Chargers win is less helpful to the Colts’ and Dolphins’ playoff chances. Root for the Chargers.

DETROIT LIONS at SEATTLE SEAHAWKS: A Seattle loss combined with a Giants win works towards moving the Seahawks ahead of NYG in the draft order. Root for the Lions.

CLEVELAND BROWNS at PITTSBURGH STEELERS: Based on record, the Steelers are closer to earning a wild card spot. A Pittsburgh win is less helpful to the Colts’ and Dolphins’ playoff chances. Root for the Steelers.

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