Some thoughts on what the eagles should do

1. Get a new defensive coordinator

Gannon did a horrible job last year. The eagles were limited in defensive talent, but playing off coverage just does not fit our team. Every decent QB picked us apart, and he did nothing to inspire confidence he can actually do the job.

2. Sign a free agent WR.
My preference is godwin or robinson.... doubt we get adams. Never want to see Reagor play another down. JJAW too.

3. Keep Hurts

I dont love hurts. He has a long way to go as a passer but there are simply no great options right now. None of the QBs in the draft are exciting, and trading all our picks for a 35+ year old isn't enough. You need a good qb AND a good team, as last years seahawks showed us.

Mock draft

7- kyle hamiton fs

Eagles get 7 and 37 and give up 16, 19, and our 4th. We don't currently have any good safeties under contract next season, so we go up and get an impact player at the position. Hamilton is a leader, and will be our best safety in a while.

15 - david njabo de

DE is a major need, and njabo can come in and be productive with lots of upside.

37 - Kyler Gordon, CB, Washington

Outside cb to start opposite slay. He is very athletic and plays hard.

51 - Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota

Lane Johnson replacement... the mailata experiment worked so well so lets grab another rugby guy who our OL coach can work with

83 - Nolan Smith, SAM, Georgia

Linebacker is less important in todays NFL. Still, we need some competence at least and smith can get us there with athleticism and upside