Upcoming Eagles Free Agents

Anthony Harris - played fine, but nothing special and not cheap so let him go

Derek Barnett - He just doesn’t produce up to his salary, we need more from starting DEs. Let him go

Ryan Kerrigan - He did nothing all year until the playoffs vs a backup. Let him go.

Steven Nelson - Let him walk, he was cheap for a reason, we need an upgrade or to let younger guys play.

Rodney McLeod - solid vet, but close to cooked. 1 year minimum deal otherwise move on

Jordan Howard - no rush, wait and see, good to keep him around on PS as depth if possible.

Hassan Ridgeway - let him walk

Boston Scott - Give him his RFA deal, keep it low to temp other teams.

Alex Singleton - RFA, cheap as possible depth piece. special teams player.

Greg Ward - let him walk, he is at his ceiling and isnt very good.

Jason Croom - let him walk

Genard Avery - resign for vet minimum, otherwise let him walk.

Andre Chachere - let him walk

Nate Herbig - resign to low end RFA deal. Ok depth.


S Epps can likely hold one spot, we need at least 1 starter plus depth.

DE Sweat and Graham starting, both questionable health, Jackson depth. We need a starter level replacement and badly need depth for the rotation

CB2 We need a starter outside, opposite Slay. We also need depth.

RB Miles is on his money year. Run him. We need a power back. NO more 3rd down backs, we already have Gainwell and Scott.

LB positions need starter level upgrades. Interesting to see if they target LB Edge rushers.

WR We still need an X receiver.

OL many believe we need a Center. I dont. Whatever Stoutland says goes.