OK . . I'm convinced . . . . Hurts has to go

I have tried really hard to allow things to play out this year regarding the discussion about Hurts' future as the Eagles QB. However, after what I saw today I can no longer support Hurts. Sure , the Bucs are the reigning SB champs and t5hey have a formidable defense, but all defenses will give you something. Hurts almost blindly ignored Smith and targeted Goedert over 10 times. Watkins was targeted more than Smith. He made throws that were sailing all over the place because he backpedalling or off balance when a simple checkdown would suffice. Even Troy Aikman was pointing out all the bad reads he was making. He threw long on a handful of 20+ yard passes.

The bottom line is that this game showed me his ceiling, and its certainly not high enough for the Eagles to be a good team, or at least better than they are now. In my mind Hurts has to go. The problem? This is a crappy draft for Qb's and trading for a QB like Watson or Wilson will ruin our draft. So, what's next?