BY to Philly is what we need, is what we deserve

We need to be honest with ourselves, maybe you don´t want to, maybe it´s a heartless move, but a GM doesn´t get paid to take decisions based on emotions.

We don´t know what we have in Hurts, I´m more of a doubter, but even if I take the supporter´s side, he is a good running QB who needs to develop the passing ability in order to be a Top 5 even Top 10 QB, for the team to have a real chance to win the SB almost every year.

So yes, mi point is, I want an upgrade at QB, I want a Franchise QB, a Tom Brady, Mahomes, Rodgers type of talent, that no matter what are the circumstances, if you have one of those guys, you have a chance to win every game, and more important, every season you will have a chance of going to the super bowl.

After saying that, I don’t think Hurts can be developed in that type of QB, maybe I´m wrong, but I don’t want to spend resources in betting that can happen, and if he doesn´t become a Franchise QB, then we are stuck in mediocrity for years, not good enough to be a real contender for the SB and not bad enough to pick a new QB without giving a king´s ransom.

So, after watching College Football this year, as a Georgia fan myself, I´m convinced that Bryce Young is the type of QB that is going to give whoever the team that gets him, 10-15 years of ELITE QB PLAY. He showed all season the same poise that you praise about Hurts, but with outstanding accuracy and arm talent. I watched him play two times against a generational defense like this year Georgia´s defense, and even in the National Championship this last Monday, he played good enough to give Bama a chance with all the injuries they had, like an Elite QB would do in the NFL.

The problem is, we as the Philadelphia Eagles, have the resources in the incorrect year, and in the 2023 draft, if the team with the 1st overall pick is a QB needy team, I don´t see how they trade out the chance to pick him.

Finally after all I said, I have two questions for you:

1. - After seeing him this year only, would you bet in Jalen Hurts development or would you put all your resources on bringing Bryce Young to Philly?

2.- If you go for the Bryce Young option, what would be the realistic approach to make a run for him, starting from this offseason, what would you do, what would be your moves, trades, signings, etc.?