B/R Community Mock Draft 1st Edition + Analysis

I made a mock draft of picks 1-17, you may be wondering why not all 32 picks? Simple, not every spot in the 1st round is guaranteed to be in that particular spot so I decided I’ll add them in the 2nd edition along with a few new rules added. For the 1st edition there was only 2 rules

1. No Trades. There were communities that wanted to trade up or trade down but with the draft order not set, I didn’t feel it was the right time to add trades.

2. You had to be apart of the community, meaning no one from another teams fan base could make the pick for the deciding team.

Now on to the fan made mock draft, the thing you’re likely reading this for.

  1. 1st - Jaguars - Kayvon Thibodeaux DE Oregon @_TOidz_

  2. Analysis- If it were up to Jags fans, I believe they didn’t mess this pick up. Thibs is likely the #1 prospect coming out of the draft and no one in the fan base fought over this pick.

  3. 2nd - Lions - Kyle Hamilton S Notre Dame @str0sh0w

  4. Analysis- Questionable pick @2 but with no trades they got the guy they wanted. A couple others wanted Hutchinson but ultimately I went by whoever responded first. Hamilton is the best Safety in this draft class which is pretty thin in this draft.
  5. 3rd - Texans - Aiden Hutchinson DE Michigan @beej1953
Hutchinson was the pick for the Texans. Not bad as Hutchinson could possibly be the #1 draft pick over Thibs. They are in need of improvements in a lot of areas with Watson likely to be traded this offseason they’ll get a choice to continue with Mills or decide to move on. With this pick there would be a decent Mills is their starter next year.
  1. 4th - Jets - George Karlaftis DE Purdue @Superfan101

  2. Analysis- With the 4th pick Jets fans took Karlaftis, they need improvements almost all over the field and with questions about their OL I’m a bit surprised they weren’t trying to go with a guy like Evan Neal who would be a tremendous addition imo to a young OL. Still they have other needs and Karlaftis is a guy who can start to change the defenses direction.
  1. 5th - Giants - Evan Neal OL Alabama @psekas

  2. Analysis- Giants went with Evan Neal, with a struggling OL I thought this was a great pick by their community. Neal will likely take over the role of LT. Daniels would have a blindside guy who could protect him possibly for the rest of his career.
  1. 6th - Panthers - Tyler Linderbaum OL Iowa @kasmith57

  2. Analysis- I believe this is a bit early in the draft to take Linderbaum who was originally the choice of the Giants but changed shortly after. With no trades they couldn’t trade back and got the best Center in the draft to protect whoever they decide to have under him.

  3. 7th - Giants - Nakobe Dean LB Georgia @Chris_Chistos

  4. Analysis- Giants with their 2nd pick in the 1st round decided on taking a LB. Dean was sought out after by multiple fan bases after this pick leading me to believe this was actually another good pick by them. He’s the first LB off the board and he likely will be this upcoming draft.
  1. 8th - Falcons - David Ojabo LB Michigan @dougiehendo11

  2. Analysis- Falcons go with Ojabo with the 8th pick. As much as I’d like to see them go a QB here to take over for Ryan who is almost a dinosaur at this point, Falcons fans said nope, not today. Ojabo is the 2nd LB off the board making the rest of the 1st round pretty limited on LBs

  3. 9th - Broncos - Ahmad Gardner CB Cincinnati @chadbeze

  4. Analysis- The 1st corner off the board is Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner, I know this was a good pick because about 3 other teams after the Broncos took him wanted him despite me already saying he’s taken, I’ve come to terms that he is an early fan favorite.

  5. 10th - Jets - Devin Lloyd LB Utah @rjr29

  6. Analysis- Lloyd is the 3rd LB taken within the last 5 picks in this mock, safe to say that LBs could possibly be heavily favored in this draft. It’s not a bad pick by any means just a tad bit early imo.

  7. 11th - Football team - Derek Stingley Jr. CB LSU @CharlesR

  8. Analysis- Stingley and Gardner are off the board as CBs. Stingley was regarded as the best CB in the draft before getting hurt and therefore decreasing his value. Washington fans love this pick as it gets them a valuable addition to a team that needs it.

  9. 12th - Vikings - Jordan Davis DT Georgia @sportsdude10

  10. Analysis- Vikings take the 1st DT in this mock draft, with a shotty DL, I believe this could be a great pick to help them land back into playoff contention.

  11. 13th - Browns - Garrett Wilson WR Ohio State @walkerwho

  12. Analysis- Browns take the 1st WR in this draft, with Jarvis being the main receiver and them moving on from OBJ, they need a guy who can come in and be that 2nd and soon to be 1st guy. Wilson is not a bad pick at all although I do have Olave slightly higher on my board.

  13. 14th - Ravens - Kenyon Green OL Texas A&M @orioles20

  14. Analysis- Ravens take an OG in Green who could be a key piece to their OL. They have a couple young guys that he could fit in well with. OL was a heavy favorite this draft.

  15. 15th - Eagles - Andrew Booth Jr. CB Clemson @SpaceOut

  16. Analysis- So being that I made the mock draft, I decided I should make 1 of the 2 picks we have within the first 17. I went with Andrew Booth Jr. I personally see him as one of the best CBs in this draft and think he would fit in well with Slay and Maddox in the backfield.

  17. 16th - Eagles - Ikem Ekwonu OL @stickjones1993

  18. Analysis- a fellow Eagles fan made the 16th pick and he decided to go with Ekwonu. He’s a guy that fits best as an OG and could fill in at OT if need be. Perfect replacement for Brandon Brooks and would allow Dickerson to slide into the center position. Only other player I would have gone with was Leal so i think it’s a good pick.

  19. 17th - Chargers - Kaiir Elam CB Florida @BigWolf

  20. Analysis- Chargers have a pretty talented offense, I would think they’d go OL but Chargers community felt the best way to improve is to get a corner here. It’s not a bad pick either cause they get a guy they want at a position of need. There also was a lack of 1st round OL available after 4 OL were taken by this point. Elam is the 4th CB off the board.

All in all I like what some fans did with their teams pick. There were some arguments about who they should take but I usually went with whoever answered first unless they got 5 people to change the pick. I can use some tips or opinions on the 2nd edition that will be coming out after the draft order is set. I’ll take a deeper dive into analysis as I know the ones I gave probably should have said opinion instead of analysis but it’s whatever for right now. What do you guys think? Do some of these picks surprise you and if so which ones? Is there any players you feel should have went in the top 17 that fell? Let me know in the comments below