Mock with 1 Trade - With Explanations

Ok, my turn. I know a bunch of these have been posted recently. Be gentle

  • 15
    Round: 1
    Eagles Logo
    David Ojabo
    EDGE | Michigan
  • 16
    Round: 1
    Eagles Logo
    Devin Lloyd
    LB | Utah
  • 19
    Round: 1
    Eagles Logo
    Kenyon Green
    IOL | Texas A&M
  • 51
    Round: 2
    Eagles Logo
    Trey McBride
    TE | Colorado State
  • 68
    Round: 3
    Eagles Logo
    Coby Bryant
    CB | Cincinnati
  • 121
    Round: 4
    Eagles Logo
    Isaiah Spiller
    RB | Texas A&M
  • 165
    Round: 5
    Eagles Logo
    Calvin Austin III
    WR | Memphis
  • 194
    Round: 6
    Eagles Logo
    Myron Cunningham
    OT | Arkansas
  • 208
    Round: 6
    Eagles Logo
    Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson
    CB | TCU

Here are my thoughts:
15 - Ojabo. Edge is the biggest need on this team. We finally get to bid farewell to barnett. Ojabo is the best edge on the board and so this was an esy pick.

16 - Lloyd. llyod is a monster. I honestly believe that he is a difference maker. the team has never valued LB play, but I think given the amount of nickel they play that a high quality LB makes a difference. I have Lloyd as a much better prospect than Dean.

19 - Green. Presuming that Kelce retires this year or next, we're going to have a need at C/G. Good to stock up on another prospect. Can never have too much investment in the offensive line.

51 - McBride. TE is a sneaky need on this team and McBride is one of the best, if not the best, in this draft. I tink Siriani would like to run more 12 personnel to make Hurts' reads easier.

68 - Bryant. this was a trade up. Traded 84 and 2 5ths. Bryant is a killer CB and arguably the equal to Gardner who will go in the first round. I love him as a CB prospect which is why I moved up for him. Otherwise, sit back and wait for Jobe.

121 - Spiller. I dont understand why he was still on the board. Maybe I'm missing something. Tremendous value. Unlikley the Eagles go RB this early, but if he is there, he is too much value to pass on. I think Sanders time is limited and the team will look to move on, particlarly given his injuries.

165 Austin. This is my WR sleeper in the draft. Every year I fall in love with one. I'm probably wrong, but you got to take a shot. Austin is a tremendous athlete.

194 - Cunningham. At this point in the draft, I don't know most of the prospects. Cunningham was the highest rated OT on the board, and we know how they invest in the line.

208 - Hodges-Tomlinson. Simply picked the highest rated player at a position of need, passing on RBs and LBs.