Ideal Mock Draft

Round 1

pick 1 Jordan Davis - This pick is based off of best available. We need DE but at this point a DE is a reach in terms of sure fire difference maker you find in rd 1. Davis is a behemoth of a human being and paired with Javon Hargrave moving forward allows the eagles to let go of F. Cox at somepoint in the future. I hate saying that as an eagles fan b/c he brought a superbowl to the city but an aging Defensive lineman that costs how much he does is not worth the money.

pick 2 Devin Lloyd - Best linebacker prospect or 1a vs 1b with Dean from Georgia. With Jordan Davis and Lloyd the middle of the defense is a strength of the team.

pick 3. Kyle Hamilton - Continuing with the up the middle of the defense theme we go Hamilton. Now that I am typing this i think Jordan Davis should be pick 3 and Hamilton pick 1 based off of availability. With Slay on the outside and Maddox in the slot and Lloyd anchoring the middle the only weakest seems to be OLB, DE and CB2. I hope Free agency helps with DE or CB2.

Round 2

pick 1 David Bell - I love this kids game. He wrecked games for opposing defenses on a bad Purdue team. I love getting players who stand out on bad teams in good conferences. He made things happen with players who were sub par around him. Put him across from Devonta Smith and it feels like Marvin Harrsion/Reggie Wayne 2.0. Just Saying!

Round 3

pick 1 Brandon Smith - OLB/MLB - Now the LB corp becomes a strength. Lloyd and Smith come in and dominate. I believe Brandon Smith has untapped potential that was not seen in his college production. Micah Parsons with the Cowboys looks much better than Micah Parsons on the Nittany Lions b/c of how he is used. I think the same could happen for Brandon Smith. Get him out on the edge for blitze packages and in the middle for run plays and watch him become an animal. He reminds of Bobby Wagner. High Praise