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The Eagles just dropped their 2021 hype video

Go Birds!

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Philadelphia Eagles Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

“A tradition unlike any other.”

No, not the Masters. I’m talking about the annual release of the Eagles’ hype video, which the team dropped this morning:

I dug it! I take a critical eye to the Eagles’ hype videos and haven’t enjoyed some of their more recent ones, but this vid was light, upbeat and fun for a team without true championship expectations.

Some observations me:

  • Jason Kelce has the ideal male physique.
  • I loved the bit about guessing WiFi passwords, specifically the “gobirds4133” part. It’s great that the team recognizes how much 41-33 has become part of the fan base’s lexicon. My WiFi router’s name is “Tom Brady Dropped It,” so this one hit home.
  • I didn’t know if Jalen Hurts was going to be featured in the video. If the team released the video, say, a month ago, they might have been reluctant to promote Hurts given all of the smoke regarding the Deshaun Watson situation. The Eagles didn’t do any publicity regarding Hurts for the majority of the offseason, only doing so the last handful of weeks. Perhaps the great clip of Hurts discussing Zach Ertz’s Slim Shady-like bleached hair was a late addition to the video.
  • I love “Go Birds.” Philadelphia fans are easy to please. We love pandering. We love the sense of the community that Eagles fandom brings. “Go Birds” has become the local version of “Roll Tide.” I remember I once saw an elderly fellow walking down the street wearing Eagles gear head-to-toe, gassed him up with a “Go Birds” and he looked like he couldn’t have been happier. It’s those small moments that make being an Eagles fan so special.

Again, I’m giving this video a thumbs up, but nothing compared to this iconic hype video from 2013:

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