BGN NFL Suicide League Elimination Pool 2021: Week 1


Have you heard the good news? That FOOTBALL IS BACK ON THE MENU??? With an extra week added too! Football, with a side of football with some more football for dessert. And just when you were getting ready to consume your unhealthy amount of football over the course of the next 5 months, here comes SNAX with his SUICIDE ELIMINATION POOL nonsense.

But this isn't your regular BGN Pool, it's the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Suicide Elimination Pool hosted here on BGN. Did'ya know that BGN has existed for over 10 years? Isn't that weird? What's also weird is that I have a PRIZE this year for the winner of the 10th annual BGN Elimination pool.


YOU can win this trophy as a constant reminder of how you defeated your Eagle fan peers in a game of general NFL Knowledge and Luck. Not you specifically but YOU in general. You know what I mean?

Lets take a look at history of the BGN Suicide Pool and some PRIZELESS winners.

2020: SaturdayNightKless [16 Weeks] (I actually did have that shirt made, but y'know, don't know your size, or address, or how to contact you on BGN and what not. And the shirt didn't come out how I thought it would etc.Just @ me in the comments)

2019: jherman1580 [13 Weeks]

2018: SaturdayNightKless [14 Weeks]

2017: Schmolik64 [17 weeks!!!]

2016: A Contrarian Mindset [10 weeks]

2015: Edge_Crusher [5 Weeks]

2014: The Joker [13 weeks]

2013: ChuckCool [10 Weeks]

2012: greenmaestro [7 Weeks]

2011: RadioheadBeatlesEagles [10 Weeks?]

Uhhh yeah, so here are the rules I've been copying and pasting for years with slight changes every now and then. Hopefully they're still sufficient.

  • Each pool member chooses one NFL team
  • Picks are made "straight up." No spreads are being used in this pool.
  • If you make a correct pick, then congratulations! You advance to the next week. You make an incorrect pick, then you will be eliminated.
  • Ties count as a win. As a show of respect, this will now be known as the Brandon Lee Gowton Rule.
  • You can only pick a team once per season (if you pick the Eagles in Week 1, you won't be able to pick them again that season). You will be able to see the teams you have picked so far in a table that will be included in the Suicide Pool fanposts.
  • Reminder: Your picks aren't locked until the the scheduled kick off of the game you've picked for. You can change your pick up until that time.
  • Regarding COVID Cancellations and Postpoments: Unless your game gets canceled with 1 hour of the scheduled start time, it is up to you to change your pick to a valid team. Here is a site that eman found: Use this to keep up with NFL news of cancellations and the sort. If a player on your team or the opposing team tests positive, I would suggest being alert to a possible postponement.
  • Last player standing wins
  • If all players advance past week 17 18, then we will go into the playoffs (picks reset, but can't pick the same team twice in the playoffs). If we make it to the Super Bowl and both players want to choose the same team or there are more than 2 players in contention, then we will also predict the final score to the game. Whoever is closer wins.

Yep, well, let's get on with it!

Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers TB -7.5
Pittsburgh Steelers at Buffalo Bills BUF -6.5
New York Jets at Carolina Panthers CAR -5
Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans JAX -2.5
Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans TEN -3
Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons ATL -3.5
Los Angeles Chargers at Washington Football Team LAC -1
San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions SF -7.5
Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts SEA -2.5
Minnesota Vikings at Cincinnati Bengals MIN -3
Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots NE -2.5
Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs KC -6.5
Denver Broncos at New York Giants DEN -3
Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints GB -4
Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams LAR -7
Baltimore Ravens at Las Vegas Raiders BAL -4.5

Reminder, you make your picks in this thread. Then there will be a new thread for each subsequent week.