Hurts (not) so good? Reactions to a Monday massacre

Well, that was not what I had in mind for a Monday night of sports-based entertainment.

But it actually is better for us if we are really bad as opposed to being average. So the silver lining is that if we are going to lose, we may as we get blown out so that the team is spurred into action to make drastic changes, rather than simply try again next year.

First, the good. Andre Dillard played pretty well. He had one penalty that I saw, which was probably on Hurts not getting rid of the ball quickly enough, but other than that I didn't see any issues. This is pretty key. Good left tackles are a rare commodity, and he now has decent trade value.

And that's it for the good.

As far as the bad, let's start with the QB. He was bad. And even worse, the Cowboys basically set up their defense daring him to beat them with his arm, and he couldn't do it. I lost count of the number of times that they had 10 men on or near the line of scrimmage. And time after time he missed easy throws to wide open receivers because he was either late or off target. He has to be better.

Landon Dickerson was again terrible. He was supposed to be a generational talent if he was healthy. Well, he's healthy and terrible, which is a bad combination. He had better turn things around quick.

On defense, we had no answers, and at times looked as if we didn't even know there was a question being asked. We were disorganized and overmatched.

The defense doesn't concern me as much. We know the back seven is filled with backups and average talents. Dallas should be able to move the ball against us. The bigger issue is that we couldn't move the ball against them, and their defense is terrible.

Ultimately, however, getting blown out is a good thing. Because it is becoming even more clear that our GM needs to go. Hurts was his final chance. If he found a legit qb in the second round of the draft, all would be forgiven. Getting that kind of value is something that helps a GM have a long career. But it is getting clearer that Hurts isn't any good. I don't mind the fact that they took a chance on him in a vacuum, but the selection wasn't in a vacuum. It not only made him the de facto starter when there is mounting evidence he can't do the job, but it also chased Wentz out of town. So, essentially, he made two mistakes with one pick, which is quite a feat.

If Hurts turned into a great pick, I was ready to forgive him for a lot of sins. But it is becoming clearer that he is not worthy of absolution, and he needs to go before he can turn another draft into an unmitigated disaster.

And it's not just his drafting that has been bad. The decision to bring back Zach Ertz and Derek Barnett this year is turning into nothing more than a giant pile of cap dollars being burned up with little return. Every year we make some boneheaded mistake with a veteran player, and the simple fact is that we can't keep making those mistakes and expect to be competitive.

So to save some semblance of our collective sanity, embrace the losses that are sure to come the next few weeks. Feel good about the defense getting gashed and Hurts missing wide open guys. Because it means that one badly needed change is coming sooner rather than later.