Second Careers of Our Favorite American Footballers


For some people a well-paying job is enough, others want a little more. For the vast majority a well-paying job as an NFL player would be more than sufficient, but believe it or not, there are some for whom even this isn't good enough. It turns out that players in the NFL aren't always content with retiring after a glittering career and instead want to go on to pastures new. These are some of the American football players who have defied the odds and gone on to have incredible second careers outside of the NFL. Call them greedy, call them entrepreneurial, call them what you like, these guys are killing it.

Emmitt Smith

Emmitt Smith is most famous for his time with the Dallas Cowboys, where he spent twelve glittering years. He was the youngest person ever to achieve 100 rushing touchdowns and the most successful rusher ever for the Cowboys. With this under his belt, people might understand if he decided he was going to retire after finishing his last game, but instead, Smith turned his hand to something else. Though Emmitt Smith was a truly great running back, but amazingly he's gone on to have a glittering career in a totally different field. Emmitt always enjoyed sitting down to play online poker to wind down in the evenings and soon he realized that he had a real talent for it. Since then he's gone on to enter some world-class events and has had some big successes. Although poker remains a hobby rather than a career, he's got plenty of other extracurricular activities to go alongside it, with one of his favorites being dancing. He's featured on Dancing with the Stars twice, both times putting in performances that were nothing to be ashamed of, particularly for a man of his imposing stature. It turns out that Emmitt really is something of a renaissance man and we are here for it.


Brian Baldinger used to be an offensive lineman for the Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts, and our very own Philadelphia Eagles. Although the Eagles didn't get him for the height of his career, it was in fact just a couple of years before his retirement, he put in some worth performances in the place of John Hudson and Eric Floyd. Like Emmit Smith, Baldinger played his best games for the Dallas Cowboys, playing in every single offensive position on the pitch during his short time there. However, it seems as though in his later years Baldinger has found his true passion, which is watching the sport rather than playing it. Nowadays he can be found giving his opinion on the draft picks, as well as commentating on games. Whilst it may seem like a natural career move for an ex-athlete to go into commentating on his old sport, there are a whole set of skills that must be learned to even come close to a career in television. It seems that Baldinger has those skills now though, as he's commentated for all of the leading networks and even hosts his own sports-based radio show.