Front office culture

Here's my 2 cents. I once worked for a company trying to break into the Philadelphia market. They had no idea of the market and what it required, they just thought they could do it the way they had always done it, and it was a huge mistake. The corporate culture was a disaster. There was no accountability at all. Fingers were being pointed in all directions, which lead to other fingers being pointed back, and there was never any accountability. There was also never a singular direction for the company to move. At least 4 different people would put forward 4 different directions and 4 different proposals for what they wanted to have happen. So I felt it was best for me to say goodbye, take your fried chicken and have a good life.

I think the same thing is going on with the Eagles right now.

Disclaimer: I have no inside knowledge of the inner workings of the Eagles front office. This is just all opinion and guesswork from me.

Lets start with this. I think Doug wanted out, and wanted out badly. I don't think he was a power hungry guy like Chip that wanted total control of the front office, but I do think he wanted a say and wasn't heard. I think he got a lot of here's your players, make it work. That doesn't work in any environment, and when it didn't work I think Doug was the scapegoat. I can't imagine being brought into the front office in any job and giving a proposal and being told no, that's terrible, come in again tomorrow and give me something better, even though you really have no control over the players you have.

I read reports during the end of Doug's tenure that he was ok with being fired. I'm sure that's true if the culture there is a bad as it seems. If the boss is failing, and constantly blaming you for their failures, anyone would want to get out of that.

I think this offseason needs to be a reckoning. I think Jeff really needs to take a good hard look at the culture he's building, or has developed, and make some serious changes. Especially because we have the potential to have 3 first round picks, and may be able to reset out team in one offseason. Howie is not the guy to do that. His draft record is terrible. His ability to connect with his head coach is terrible. The ability to draw quality talent from outside the organization, whether that be free agents or front office personal, is terrible. It needs to change, and it needs to change now!

Everyone has seen the draft day video of Howie and Tom. I'm going to guess there's a lot more people that feel that way, but don't say it because they'll lose their jobs. This needs to stop. If you can't hear other ideas you'll never hear better ideas. I don't want to turn into the Washington Redskins.

To conclude, I just have this to say... #firehowie