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Cowboys writer gives 3 reasons why the Eagles will win in Week 3

Looking at the enemy’s biggest concerns.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Bleeding Green Nation already took some time to chat with Blogging The Boys in order to preview this big Week 3 Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Monday Night Football matchup and you can read that here. Today, we’re back with three reasons why each team might lose. This exchange allows us to show what the other side is concerned about.

Read on for why the Cowboys could lose, as written by my NFC East Mixtape co-host, RJ Ochoa. To see why I think the Eagles could lose, stay tuned to BTB.

1 - The Cowboys’ defensive line unable to generate any pressure with all of the injuries and Micah Parsons is unable to be a hero again in that context.

The Cowboys got a huge boost last week with Micah Parsons playing edge rusher and doing so with extreme force. I’d be lying if I said I anticipated anything like the way he ultimately played against the Chargers given that it was just his second game in the NFL.But the reality is that the Cowboys are down DeMarcus Lawrence, Dorance Armstrong, Carlos Watkins, Neville Gallimore, and Trysten Hill in terms of defensive linemen on their roster. Some of those (Hill and Watkins) aren’t huge deals while some are definitely big ones (Lawrence and Gallimore). It was impressive that Dallas got by last week and generated pressure on Justin Herbert, but it’s hard to know if they can catch that lightning in a bottle again.Randy Gregory is back which is encouraging, but he is coming back after testing positive for COVID-19 and we still don’t know all of the effects of that. So I’m a bit skeptical.

2 - Terence Steele doesn’t hold up at RT this week and leads to Dak being under duress.

Anybody who tells you that they thought Terence Steele (pictured) would even hold up against Joey Bosa (let alone win more often than not) is a liar. Every Cowboys fan was terrified of the idea of him starting at right tackle once that became reality entering Week 2.Steele is only in his second season in the NFL, but he has been thrown into the fire a lot. He played for La’el Collins last year (keep in mind Steele went undrafted last year) and got some valuable experience that is rare for a UDFA tackle, but he wasn’t exactly great. He put in a lot of work last offseason which had the Cowboys believing in him, but nobody else did.He was surprisingly stable in Los Angeles and in fact he was very good for a lot of the game. But is that repeatable? If not then things could be tough.

3 - The Cowboys don’t get any turnovers which have given them nice field position in their first two games and make things too challenging on offense.

Through two games the Dallas Cowboys generated more turnovers on defense than anybody else in the NFL (6). That sounds cool and is objectively true, but it is easy to poke holes in. One of their interceptions came off of a Leonard Fournette tipped pass against Tampa Bay. That pick gave Dallas the ball at the Tampa 21-yard line and they didn’t even score a touchdown. Another interception came at the end of the first half of that game when Tom Brady threw a hail mary to try and score any kind of points.Overall the turnovers were of higher quality in Week 2 than in Week 1, but my point is some of them have been a bit lucky. Dallas has been given nice field position off of them (the luxury of turnovers), but if that luck runs out then so do the shorter fields. That could prove difficult even for this offense.

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