Some random thoughts after a great Sunday for the Eagles

It's really rare that a team can have so many things go right for it on a day when they aren't even playing, but I guess that's the reality of being a fan of this team in 2021.

The Colts lost but Carson Wentz played the whole game, which is a great scenario for the pick they traded to us. Hopefully they keep doing this. They should be able to pick up a few more wins, and the Titans could realistically win the division with eight wins, meaning the Colts will still be in the playoff race late in the season, and don't have a viable backup. If Carson plays 13 games, we get their #1 draft pick, and it looks likely they will be competitive for the division though week 13 even if they only have four or five wins by that point.

Miami lost, and they play the Colts next week, and we should all be on the Wentz Wagon for that game. Hopefully he can make it through that game without any issues. Miami is clearly not a good team, and were extremely lucky to keep it that close against the Raiders. That draft pick could easily end up being in the top 10.

The Giants and the WFT losing was great, especially since both teams looked really bad, and I don't think anyone is thinking either of them is a significant favorite to compete for the division.

The nice thing about the WFT getting destroyed in Buffalo is that their team is largely healthy. They were only missing two starters - Fitzpatrick and Samuel - and they are still looking terrible. Their defense has been bad, which doesn't surprise me. Their back seven was always overrated to me. The WFT seems stuck in the worst possible spot - good enough to win enough games to pick in the teens, but not good enough to compete for a championship. This is where I hope we don't end up.

The 49ers went toe-to-toe with the Packers, who are looking like contenders again after a bad first week, so that makes our loss last week look not so bad. The Falcons won, which makes our victory against them look better.

The Chiefs losing gives me some hope for the following week, as does the Bucs loss, and our next few games look not quite so bad after lackluster performances by the Panthers and the Raiders.

The primary takeway that I have after three weeks is that I am kind of glad we didn't draft a quarterback this year. While any of the qbs who were taken in the first round might be good one day, none of them has looked appreciably better than Hurts did last year as a rookie.

Obviously this year is all about evaluating the qb position, and the team may eventually decide to move on from Hurts. But the one thing I am confident in saying is that, at this point, no one can be questioning the decision not to trade up for someone or passing on Fields/Jones. That is one that I think we can all agree that the front office got right.

It also says something that two of the five undefeated teams right now, the Broncos and the Panthers, are starting quarterbacks that no one else wanted. I don't think Darnold is that good, and that the Panthers are living on borrowed time, but you can't argue with the stats he has put up so far, and he's played one legit team. Bridgewater seems like one of those qbs - including Goff, Tannehill, Carr, Cousins, etc. - who can do enough good things to win games with a good team, but who doesn't have the absurd talent to carry an average team to a deep playoff run.

And that got me thinking a lot about the quarterback position, and what that means going into tonight's game.

Hurts has somewhat exceeded expectations so far this year. Going into this game, here are the stats for the two qbs. Dak - 653 yards, three TDs, two turnovers, three sacks, 34 first downs. Hurts - 598 yards, four TDs, 0 turnovers, three sacks, 29 first downs.

So far, the Cowboys and Eagles are getting almost identical output from the qb position. Now, it needs to be noted that Hurts had a really good game against a bad defense and one really average game against a good defense, whereas Dak has played two really good teams. So I am not suggesting that Hurts is on the level of his Cowboys counterpart. But I do think it is important to keep things in perspective when evaluating him. If he can continue to generate yards, protect the football and score, this team should continue to win and get us comfortable with the idea of him being a number 1 qb. If not, at least this weekend provided some positive signs that we will be in position to find a number 1 qb in next year's draft, if such a player is there to be found.