Honest Take on Why the Eagles Lost to the 49ers

Here's an honest take on the Eagles disappointing loss to the 49ers... this game was lost due to poor coaching.

Let's look at the obvious first. Jalean Reagor's "touchdown" catch was a thing of beauty. Great play call. Great throw. Great catch. Only problem is, Reagor stepped out of bounds twice before coming back in bounds and catching the ball. While it certainly is encouraging to see Reagor getting more involved and more confident, this was just a boneheaded mistake on his part, and it comes down to the coaching staff. Coaches need to preach and teach that the sideline is basically another defender. I'm not sure i've ever seen such an egregious mistake before. I mean, it wasn't even close.

Then you have the Quez Watkins bomb. Again, amazing play call, amazing throw, amazing catch. Then after a defensive PI call, eagles have first and goal from the 1. Each of the four plays that transpired was more disgusting than the last. On 3rd and goal, the sweep to the right where Hurts had the ball with the option to pitch it to Sanders was way too cutesey. Never had a chance. But then, my god, on fourth down, the Greg Ward Philly Special Debacle or whatever you want to call it... what in the hell was that? And not for nothing, but Greg Ward needs to at least dive towards the endzone instead of throwing it away. Once it was clear that Hurts was well covered, it seems as if the play had absolutely zero back up plan. It was either throw to Hurts or nothing. This was not a time to get creative. That entire series falls on Sirianni.

Jake Ellitio's 47 yard blocked FG... I can say confidently that at least 40% of us Eagles fans held our breath knowing that there was a very good chance that Elliot was going to miss that kick. He's been great in preseason , but the 40-49 range (as well as the 10-20 yard range for some reason) is brutal for Elliot. Coaches should've brought in a vet to challenge Elliot in training camp.

Our punter is incredible and at one point we should have downed the 49ers within the 5 yard line. Rookie McPhearson, for some unknown reason, decided to dive for the ball despite the fact that he probably didn't even need to touch it and it would've stopped on its own. Special teams coach blunder.

I love Hurts and I love Devanta Smith. But there were times when it seemed as if Hurts were trying to force it to his former college teammate. They gotta let the plays happen organically. Granted, Smith could've gotten a def PI call on at least two separate occasions, but of course not.

Later in the game... two unnecessary roughness penalties called in a row. The first one, had it not been called, would've put the 49ers in a 3rd and 15 position, with plenty of time left. The second unnecessary roughness, on the very next play, wiped out an eagles fumble recovery (sidenote, such a BS call by the Refs). ! I mean, are you kidding me? Coaching. coaching. Coaching.

Final drive of the game for the 49ers. 2nd and 9 and the defense lets up an 8 yard pass play. Brutal. And then on 3rd and 1, it can be debated the Garrapolo didn't even get the snap off in time. Sirianni should've been IRATE and screaming at the refs.