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Jason Kelce explains why he colored his hair blond

The Eagles’ veteran lost a bet he was happy to lose.

Just ahead of the Eagles’ season opener, veteran center Jason Kelce debuted a bright blond new look at practice. We heard from Kelce for the first time since on Thursday and he explained how it was the result of losing a bet to tight end — and also recently blond — Zach Ertz.

“The bet was that if Zach [Ertz] was still here Week 1, I gotta dye my hair like Zach. Again, not happy with the hair, but happy I lost the bet.”

Kelce wouldn’t say what the terms were if he had won the bet, but admitted that he firmly thought Ertz was going to get traded the offseason. The two Eagles’ veterans made the bet a few weeks before training camp, right after Ertz went blond — Kelce joked that it was right after the TE came back to work out in the facilities, which should have been a sign that he probably wasn’t going anywhere.

Kelce admitted that his wife is “definitely not a fan” of the blond hair, but his daughter didn’t have any kind of reaction to his new do. His wife might have to live with it a little while longer, because the center said he’d keep it this way as long as the Eagles keep winning.

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