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Nick Sirianni was fired up in his first Eagles postgame victory speech (VIDEO)

Philadelphia’s head coach is stressing the “Dawg Mentality.”

Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

As we come to learn more and more about Nick Sirianni, one thing we’ve already known about the Philadelphia Eagles head coach is that he’s a pretty passionate guy. So, it wasn’t exactly shocking to see that Sirianni brought the energy leading his first ever postgame locker room victory speech.

“That’s the Dawg Mentality! That’s the Dawg Mentality right there! OK? When that cage opens up — I don’t care what the score is in the first half — when that cage opens up, we’re snarling, we’re drooling, we’re ready and we’re ready to hunt again! And again, and again, and again, and again. That’s a great team win, guys.

But guess what? We’re going to enjoy this for a little bit and then it’s Round 2. Then it’s Round 2. This time? This time, it’s in Philly. Round 2.”

Sirianni’s impressive debut earned him a game ball from Jeffrey Lurie.

The Eagles’ owner was also pretty pumped up about what he saw from Jalen Hurts, giving the second-year quarterback a congratulatory pat on the shoulder and touch of the head.

The Eagles deserve to celebrate their big Week 1 win.

But, as Sirianni said, now it’s time to shift the focus to beating the 49ers in Week 2.

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