The Best Eagles Stats of Week 1

Our 2021 Eagles season couldn't have started out any better. We won, Jalen was on fire, Smith was everything we hoped for, the Defense was solid, the Offense was flying, Dallas lost, the Indianapolis Carson's lost. Overall it was a fantastic day.

I like stats. They don't tell you everything, but at the very least they're interesting, so here are some Philadelphia Eagles stats for you.

Team Stats

The Eagles are the #1 Rushing attack in the NFL leading the league with 173 yards.

The Eagles are the #5 ranked overall offense in total yards at 434 yards

The Eagles are the #7 ranked scoring offense at 32 points

The Eagles are the #7 ranked overall defense in total yards allowed at 260 yards.

The Eagles are the #2 ranked passing defense with only 124 yards allowed. (had to read that twice myself)

The Eagles are the #2 ranked defense in terms of points allowed at 6.

The Eagles are tied for 1st with zero turnovers.

The Eagles are currently 1st in the NFC East Division.

Individual Stats

Jalen Hurts is the 5th highest rating at 126.4

Jalen Hurts is the 3rd Highest Completion percentage at 77.1%

Jalen Hurts is tied for 3rd for most TDs thrown at 3

Jalen Hurts is the 14th ranked leading rusher in the NFL

Jalen Hurts is the #1 ranked leading rusher as a QB in the NFL

Miles Sanders was the 11th ranked rusher at 74 yards despite sharing 40% of the touches.

Kenneth Gainwell meanwhile was ranked 32nd at 37 yards.

The Eagles have 3 of the top 32 rushers in the league.

Devonta Smith's first NFL Reception was a touchdown.

Devonta Smith is the #2 ranked rookie in receiving yards behind Ja'marr Chase

Javone Hargrave is tied for 2nd most sacks with 2

Hassan Ridgeway is tied for 4th most sacks with 1

Your local contrarian commenters will go on and on about how it's just one game. Small sample size. "Just wait till the rest of the league gets the tape". But so far so good. And I'd rather roll with the excitement than keep up with the Negative Nancy who hopes they're right just for a sour "I told you so" moment that won't be happening.

Side Note

We Currently have three 1st round draft picks, and one in the top 10 via our good ole buddy Carson Wentz. Could you just imagine if this team continues to fly like this? and then you add three premium picks to the roster? Hello 2022!!!

If I missed anything, throw it in the comments.