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The Eagles have energy again

How refreshing!

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Philadelphia Eagles v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

One of the best things about the Philadelphia Eagles’ Week 1 win over the Atlanta Falcons wasn’t just that they won. It was about how they did it.

For what feels like the first time in forever, the Eagles were playing with a lot of energy. They were having fun out there. It looks like this team has some real juice. Jalen Hurts and Nick Sirianni both deserve credit for as much.

Eytan Shander and Jess Taylor touched on this in BGN Radio’s postgame show:

EYTAN: You look at the command that Jalen Hurts had throughout the game, even after a drive fell short. They go for it a couple of times, they fail on fourth down. At no point did he ever look like he was frustrated, he was lost. It just looked like he had total command of that football game. And how many times have we seen this? Look, even Carson Wentz before whatever you want to call last year happened, when the quarterback is on and that feeling just exudes and everyone reacts to it, it doesn’t matter if you’re a defensive lineman, a wide receiver, whoever you may be, that energy was there the entire game and it felt like we hadn’t seen that in at least in a full season.

JESS: Yeah, there was no energy last year. We were beating our heads against the table talking about the same things every week. There was constantly the same issues. And one of those things was there was a lack of energy and it was from the everywhere. It was from the top down, it started with Doug Pederson and went all the way through the rest of the roster. And that’s something that I really like about Jalen Hurts. Carson Wentz, being what he is, people weren’t drawn to him the way that they’re drawn to Jalen Hurts. Jalen Hurts has an energy about him that everyone in that locker room can relate to in some capacity or another. He’s a very, very, very true leader of this football team. And you could see it from the the top down and exactly right.

Here’s hoping the Birds can keep the positive vibes rolling.

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Also check out postgame audio from Sirianni, Hurts, and other Eagles players:

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