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Report: Gardner Minshew wanted to join the Eagles ‘as early as this summer’

The interest was mutual between Minshew and Philadelphia.

NFL: AUG 15 Preseason - Eagles at Jaguars Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This past weekend, the Eagles solidified their “Quarterback Factory” when they swung a trade for former Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew. It was a sharp move from general manager Howie Roseman, especially considering that the team only parted with a sixth-round pick for the third-year QB.

It looks like the interest between the Eagles and Minshew was mutual, as the NFL Network’s Jane Slater reports that the quarterback had been eying a trade to Philly:

While the Cowboys may have not been in on a Minshew trade, their fans were quite upset when Dallas didn’t acquire him. LOL.

As for why Minshew was keen on taking his talents to South Philly, there could be a couple reasons. David Caldwell, previously the general manager of the Jaguars from 2013-2020, now works as a personnel executive with the Birds. Caldwell was responsible for drafting Minshew and liked what he saw in Minshew enough as a rookie to make the quarterback Jacksonville’s Week 1 starter in 2020.

The idea that Minshew thought he could compete for a starting job in Philadelphia has some merit. The Eagles were reluctant to name Jalen Hurts the team’s starting quarterback all offseason, only doing so yesterday. Minshew has had some success at the NFL level and is only 25. Once Jacksonville drafted Trevor Lawrence, he was obviously looking for a starting gig elsewhere.

That won’t happen in Philly right now with Hurts being the Eagles’ QB1. Roseman, speaking with the media yesterday, indicated that Minshew is the team’s QB3. I expect that to change during the season once Minshew gets acclimated to the team’s playbook. The Eagles front office and fans alike would surely rather watch Minshew instead of Joe Flacco in case Hurts is injured or flames out. He should be QB2.

For all the talk surrounding Philly fans, their relationship with players and booing, it’s nice to see a guy actually want to come play here.

UPDATE (from Brandon Lee Gowton): I asked Minshew if there was any truth to this report during his Wednesday introductory press conference. Transcript below.

BLG: Hey, Gardner. There’s a report out there that you actually wanted to come to Philadelphia as early as this summer. I wanted to ask you, is that true? And if so, what wanted to make you come to Philly?

MINSHEW: Like I said earlier, I told my agent early in this process to handle all this stuff. Because all I wanna do is play football. So, that’s what I did this spring, and I couldn’t be more excited for it.

BLG: If I could follow up, then, what did you like about — like, when you found out you were going to Philadelphia, what are the positives here?

MINSHEW: I mean, if somebody’s trading for you, they want you there. And I was very excited for that. Having met with Coach Sirianni in the past and draft prep and everything, I was very excited about that. Then I get here and I see some of the dudes on this team, that’s exciting as well. So I think there’s a lot of good things rolling here.

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