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Nick Sirianni details his philosophy toward coaching up players, using videos to educate

Plus, the Eagles head coach explains why he’s not ready to name Jalen Hurts the starting QB, yet.

The Philadelphia Eagles are back in pads on Thursday and head coach Nick Sirianni spoke to reporters before practice about his coaching philosophy with dealing with players and his use of video during meets, explained why he’s not ready to name Jalen Hurts the starting QB, and why he structures practices the way he does.

Here’s what the head coach had to say:

On his coaching philosophy

Sirianni was seen having words with Jalen Reagor following a play during Wednesday’s practice and while he wouldn’t go into specifics, the head coach noted that the positions that coaches have played, are typically the positions that get coached the hardest. And that’s true with the quarterbacks and receivers in Sirianni’s case.

He acknowledged that the kind of tough coaching he gave to Reagor isn’t the way he would handle every player, and each guy is different. But, that’s where Sirianni’s education background comes into play, being able to evaluate the ways each guy learns best and lean into that as much as possible. He also pointed out that it’s also where their core value of connection comes into play, because getting to know the player will help them know how best to coach them up. The head coach also talked about how he wants things to be harder out on the practice field than they are on game days.

Sirianni was asked about his use of videos in meetings, and he explained that at some point his voice is only going to do so much, and that he likes to offer visuals and videos as a way to drive home his points. So, when he’s talking about fundamentals, he talks a bit, offers an example, and then in this particular case, showed a video of a hot dog eating contest and how every single detail has to be perfect in order to be the best in the world — the temperature of the water, how they break the hot dogs, etc... He used that scenario to show that fundamentals and being exact with every detail is the difference it takes to best the best.

On Jalen Hurts

He thinks the QB is doing a great job of learning and understanding the offense, but seeing how he takes control of the offense will come as they start repeating installs — they have eight installs, and are just now finishing the first cycle of those, so once they cycle back, they’ll be able to evaluate how Hurts is doing.

Even though Hurts has taken the first team reps every practice in camp, Sirianni said there’s just no rush in terms of naming a starter.

On the structure of practices

The Eagles on-field portion of practices have only been between one and two hours, but Sirianni talked about how they utilize every minute they are on the field, it’s high energy, and they are highly organized so there’s no wasted time between periods. He said that he works with the medical and training staff, and the shorter practices will also help keep players healthy and available as the season comes around.

The head coach was asked whether the shorter practices, and having given veterans two off-days through the first eight days of practice, would impact their conditioning come Week 1. Sirianni mentioned that practice is only one piece of the puzzle, and they are still full speed in meetings and walk-throughs, and it’s going to help keep guys available once the season starts.

Other notables

  • The only messaging he’s received from owner Jeffrey Lurie is that Sirianni needs to do whatever he can to win, and Lurie will do whatever he can to support him in that mission. There’s been no input on scheme or system preferences.
  • The head coach wouldn’t talk about the DeShaun Watson rumors but said any type of personnel decision is a group effort. When asked about his message to Jalen Hurts about a potential addition to the QB room, Sirianni said that he talks to the whole team about eliminating distractions whatever they might be.

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