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What the Eagles and Jalen Hurts can learn from the Ravens and Lamar Jackson

From the Bleachers #71!

Baltimore Ravens v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Jalen Hurts’s physical traits are well known. Eagles fans saw him blow through Budda Baker on a juice-filled touchdown run against Arizona in 2020. He ran for 106 yards in his first career start against the Saints.

To become the Eagles’ legitimate franchise quarterback, however, improvements in the passing game will be needed. The Eagles won’t expect him to be 2004 Peyton Manning out there, but there are some simple ways to make the passing game easier for Hurts and maximize the things he does well.

The Birds should look at the way the Ravens and Baltimore offensive coordinator Greg Roman deployed Lamar Jackson during his first two seasons in the pros. Much like the Ravens did with Jackson, the Eagles are continuously emphasizing improved football throughout training camp with Hurts:

On the latest episode of From the Bleachers on BGN Radio, Kyle P. Barber, a writer for and SB Nation’s Ravens site Baltimore Beatdown, joins the show to compare Hurts to where Jackson stood a couple of years back. From accuracy issues, their abilities as a runner (though Jackson is in a tier to himself there) to their supporting cast, we dive into how the Eagles can learn from the Ravens.

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