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Eagles training camp quotes from Jalen Hurts, Jalen Reagor, Jordan Mailata, and others

Plus, we’ve had a chance to hear from a slew of Eagles players the past few days.

We’ve had a chance to hear from several Eagles players the past few days after training camp practice, including Jalen Hurts, Jalen Reagor, and Jordan Mailata. A few rookies came through to talk to reporters as well, and Brandon Brooks talked a little about his injury and why he’s not concerned long term.

Here’s what some of the guys had to say:

QB Jalen Hurts

Sirianni had previously mentioned that they’ve been working with Hurts on his footwork, and the QB admits that it’s all about taking the coaching and putting it to use to become the best player he can. Hurts noted that he hasn’t even come close to hitting his ceiling, so he’s just got to be coachable and continue to improve each day.

“I love those details. I love the little details. I love the coaching and I love how hard they are on me, because it challenges me to be the best player I can be, so I’m all for it.”

Hurts went on to explain that it’s in those little details, that if every position on the field gets their details right and are fundamentally sound, that play will likely end with some positive yards. It’s taking things one play at a time and focusing on the little things that will make them successful.

On the receivers

  • While every rep on the grass is valuable, Hurts admits that DeVonta Smith is a smart guy and will work on the things he can while he’s sidelined. And then when he’s ready to go, they’ll pick up where they left off.
  • Hurts talked about telling Jalen Reagor that he’s there for him in any shape of form as he deals with a personal loss. But, they all have a good opportunity to do something special this year, and he knows that Reagor is hungry, so he’s just encouraged the WR to attack everyday with intent and they’ll continue to challenge each other to get it done.

WR Jalen Reagor

The receiver was asked about Nick Sirianni going up to guys after practice and getting to know them individually, and Reagor pointed out that connection is one of the team’ core values so that’s part of it. He mentioned to that it extends from the coaches to the players, and that the receivers all have a great relationship — like him and Quez Watkins and with DeVonta Smith.

Reagor was asked about failing his conditioning test to start camp, and noted that the lower body tightness just happened through training and all the route running he was doing.

“I just appreciate Coach holding me accountable for all the things going on, but that’s all in the past and I’m just looking forward to the future. I’m out on the field now so that’s what I’m pretty much focused on.”

He’s still dealing with the loss of his friend, someone he called a younger brother, but Reagor said that he appreciates his teammates and coaches who have been there for him, checking on him, but also making sure he’s in good spirits. Reagor said it was tough not being able to attend his funeral on Saturday, but that football is his escape.

The WR talked about what he learned coming out of his rookie season, and Reagor pointed to needing to study more and be more prepared for his opponent. He also mentioned the need to keep adding more moves to his arsenal.

TE Dallas Goedert

On Jalen Hurts

“He’s the guy, he’s having fun with it. He’s doing a great job leading, but yeah, having him back at quarterback has been a lot of fun. He can scramble, make plays — playing with him last year was a lot of fun. His fight to win is impressive, that’s all he cares about is winning. He’s gonna give everything he can to win, and you know that’s the ultimate goal.”

On not technically passing his conditioning test

Goedert admitted that him missing Day 1 was a technicality, he was used to doing a drill one way and he turned the other day, but he understands that details are important and he was held accountable. But, it wasn’t a reflection on him being out of shape, and the tight end emphasized that he’s in great shape.

G Brandon Brooks

As far as his injury from early in camp — a right leg issue from trying to breaking a three-technique and then running across the field to block a linebacker —, Brooks said he’s feeling good and being sidelined was a more a precautionary thing, so no concerns moving forward. He’ll return to the field “whenever it’s healthy”.

Brooks talked a bit about Jalen Hurts and said that he’s a leader and he works extremely hard everyday. Even after practice, he gets together with the young offensive players and puts in extra work, he’s constantly watching film, and even in the hallway is quizzing guys.

The guard also called Nick Sirianni “exceptional” and said that he’s been running a high tempo, fast training camp.

LT Jordan Mailata

Mailata put a big emphasis on his size and getting in better shape during the 6-7 weeks leading up the training camp, and he noted that he stayed in Philly and worked with the training staff to focus on the details of his routine — when and what he was eating, when he was working out, when he was getting up and going to sleep each day — to really maximize his efficiency.

As far as the competition with Andre Dillard for the starting spot, Mailata admitted that since he joined the Eagles his approach has been just to compete to make the team. So, for him, he’s been competing each year, but every day they both come to work and do the best they can. Mailata also confirmed that he never takes the competition with Dillard personal.

LT Andre Dillard

Dillard said the first few days of camp have gone well, and it’s nice to be back on the field after missing a whole year. He did have some rust to knock off the first day or two, but now he’s feeling good.

As far as the competition between Dillard and Jordan Mailata for the starting role, Dillard said that he isn’t too focused on that and is just working on the things he can control and putting in the work everyday. It’s not like the two are facing off in practice, so it’s just about staying focused and doing their job — the rest will take care of itself.

DE Tarron Jackson

The rookie said that he’s been working on putting together a pass rush arsenal that works well for him, so he’s been enjoying the one-on-one drills and also picking the brains of some of the veterans, including Derek Barnett and Josh Sweat. Jackson also noted that he goes to Brandon Graham especially when he has questions about technique, and he’s thankful to have a guy whose been through so much in the league and is so willing to pass down that wisdom. The DE also pointed out that while it’s good to have so many veterans in the room, they also set a really high standard for the younger players to live up to and play up to.

CB Zech McPhearson

The rookie had two big pass breakups on Tuesday but didn’t make the catch for the turnover, which he felt ended up being two failed Pick-6 attempts. McPhearson said that whenever the ball is in the air, he considers himself a receiver, so he expects to come down with the ball rather than just focusing on batting it down.

Some offensive players argued his breakups should’ve been flagged as pass interference, but the rookie noted that no flag was thrown and he was just playing through the ball. He said that he wants the ball just as bad as the receiver wants the ball, so he’s going to get as handsy as he needs to in order to get it.

When he’s not on the field, the CB said he likes paying attention to Darius Slay’s progressions.

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